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Bow Hunting Season Starts

Today on the show we talk all about bow hunting. We talk about what it means to Brandon what to do to stay scentless in the woods. We get into how you should take care of your hunting gear and what kind of gear you should buy. We talk about different times of the year you can bow hunt and the difference between rifle and bow hunting. We talk some tree stand safety and much more…..

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Google And Facebook Do We Have Privacy

google facebook

Today on the show we talk about the Amazon Echo and the Google Now and how much data they are collecting and is it an invasion of privacy at our homes. We talk about Google and Yahoo reading our email. We talk about what is safer to use an iPhone or an Android phone. How much privacy are we willing to give up for convenience? How can law enforcement use that information and are they allowed? We get an update on the chicks and much more…..

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Being Self-Sustaining or Self-Sufficient

We are back with Season 2 of the Survivalist Podcast. Today we talk about changes on the homestead since last season. We talk about being self-sustaining or self-sufficient on your farm or Homestead. We talk about being able to pay bills, saving money on bills and what bills are essential vs non-essential. Plus much more…

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Hurricane Preparedness

hurricane preparedness

Today on the podcast Brandon goes through a hurricane preparedness checklist. We wish people in Texas the best and tell everyone in Florida to evacuate. We talk about how and when to prepare and how we should prepare before the mass panic hits.

Permaculture Basics

Today on the show we get to the nuts and bolt of permaculture. We talk about how to use chickens to fertilize your soil. We get into the details of using goldfish and goldfish water as fertilizer. We talk about seed starting and using parts of tree roots.

We get into different kind of trees and how and where to properly plant them. We get into starting a small garden and using cardboard as a base. Plus much more….

New Homestead

This week we talk about being back and our new homestead.

I want to first say thanks to everyone who listens to the show and supports the site. I want to first say the last few months have been overwhelming, to say the least. I took a break from the survivalist podcast about 6 months ago. My wife and I bought a foreclosed on a farm house with a decent parcel about 5 months ago. Little to say things have been crazy busy with doing most of the work myself and running a business there has been little to no time for anything besides family.

Now that my wife, daughter and I are settling into the house and starting to move ahead with the homestead nothing happens overnight as you all know. I am going to be moving ahead with the podcast and website as well. I want to thank everyone for your patience and thank you for coming back to listen.

25 Tips For Preparing To Save Money

25 Tips For Preparing To Save Money

Today on the show we go over cost saving tips to help you save money and prepare to put money away. food smarter
2. cut back on cable
3. invite friends over instead of going out
4. go shopping don’t buy name brands
5. cut back on going out to eat
6. refill water bottels
7. quit smoking or make your own cigerates
8. timers on lights
9. go to library
10. cut back on subscription services
11. use energy efficient lighting
12. coupon when you can
13. stop buying lunch out and pack food for road trips
14. swap babysitting with neighbors or people you trust
15. try fix things yourself
16. start a garden
17. take public transit or car pool
18. bring coffee from home
19. cut back on cell phone bill
20. consolidate student loans
21. use generic razor (dollar shave club)
22. don’t speed
23. cut back on trash (composting)
24. take medications use the generic
25. manage heat and air situation

What To Do In A Crisis Situation

What To Do In A Crisis Situation

Today on the show we talk about what to do in a Crisis Situation. We go over some situations and what to do and how to save your life or someone else life using proper procedures. We get into Crisis Situation planning with your family. We get into the importance of CPR and the best way to call 911 and making sure to give them the right information. We get into first aid and much more

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • Crisis Situations
  • Crisis Planning
  • CPR
  • 911
  • Emergency Response
  • First Aid

And More…

Car Kit Everything A Car Should Have

Car Kit Everything A Car Should Have

Today on the show we get into what ever car should have and what you should keep in the car for emergencies and to make your life easier. We talk about maintaining your car several items to keep in the car to make sure you can get home in the case of an emergency. We get into your cars paperwork and car clubs.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • Car Maintenance
  • Easy Pass
  • Spare Tire & Fluids
  • Paperwork Every Car Should Have
  • Important Items To Keep In Your Car
  • Triple A or AAA

And More…

Mike from Tactical Wood Gas

Mike from Tactical Wood Gas

Mike is a Ham Radio operator and is experienced in using radios in the marines. Mike has great information on batteries and has great stories of field day and field operations using his ham radio. He likes PSK31 and other digital operation.