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All right, folks, the download button on Survivalist Podcast.
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So, folks, I know you guys want to do a little bit of housekeeping here before we move on to the news and all that.
I know you guys have really enjoyed a lot of the Rumble live streams.
We’re going to keep doing those probably on the weekends.
I’m going to do at least one stuff like that.
But, you know, those live streams are a lot of work.
And, yeah, you know, running the live stream, it’s, you know, after it’s done, editing it, getting it back up there on Rumble, getting it on YouTube, all that kind of stuff.
So, actually, the last one I didn’t post on YouTube because I got so many views on Rumble.
So, you know, they’re a lot of work.
But I do want to say I know you guys liked it and we’re going to continue to do those probably once a week or something like that.
I’m going to do it.
Like I said, it’s going to be a regular thing, but like I said, I’m only going to do it once a week.
I can’t do, you know, more than.
I can’t do every show live.
It’s a lot of work.
It’s a lot to do.
And like I said, it’s just too much.
It’s just too much on me.
But like I said, I do want to get the podcast out at least twice a week.
And like I said, I want to do at least one live stream.
If I can’t do the live stream, at least I’ll do the podcast.
But like I said, I do like doing the live streams.
I really like the interaction I have with you guys.
And it’s a lot of fun.
But like I said, I want to thank you guys.
I know a lot of you guys said you’ve really enjoyed all the live streams.
And I do appreciate that.
And we’re going to do more of them.
But plus, too, a lot of stuff going up on the other reason, too,
about the live streams that’s tough is a lot of stuff going up,
going on in the homestead right now.
I mean, it’s hard to believe it’s already going to be April,
the end of next week.
And I’m already thinking about what I’ve got to do for next winter.
I’ve got wood to split.
I’ve got stuff that we’re going to do as far as taking the kids hiking
and stuff like that.
And, you know, we’re starting the fishing season.
And then, you know, we’ve got a bunch of other stuff going on.
It’s just, you know, it’s springtime.
It’s spring now.
We officially are in spring.
But, you know, there’s a lot we have going on.
But like I said, I’m going to do my best to try to go ahead
and get the live streams done as much as I can.
But like I said, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on here in the homestead.
I’ve got some windows to put in.
Like I said, I have some firewood to split.
We have a bunch of stuff going on as far as we’ve got some trees to plant.
I’ve got some fencing to put up.
There’s quite a bit to do here on the homestead.
My wife has already turned over her garden.
She’s going to start doing that.
So it’s unbelievable how quick and how much it really piles up
and how much stuff there is to do, not to mention the kids and all that
with school activities and stuff.
You can tell it’s springtime already.
Only a couple months left of school.
It’s unbelievable when you really look at it, just how quick it goes by.
And now we get into spring and summer.
And, you know, we spend all year preparing for winter,
and now we spend all spring and summer preparing and fall preparing for the winter.
It’s pretty crazy.
But like I said, we do have a lot going on here.
We’re on the homestead.
Just like I said, I have a bunch of projects ready.
My list is grown.
Hopefully I get to as much of it as I can this year.
Every year I always bite off more than I can chew with this.
And every year there’s stuff I don’t get done that I want to get done.
And the key is when you are working on a homestead is to try to make, you know,
give the things you want.
I’ve said this in previous podcasts.
You have things you want to do, things you need to do, and things that you have to do.
So it’s a very important thing.
Like I said, we’ve already got a list.
There’s a list of stuff that I need to do already.
And I’ve already started.
Like I said, I got a couple of cords of firewood I got to get done.
That’s something we have to do.
You know, like I said, I have to get the fencing up.
I have to get the windows replaced.
There’s a bunch of things we got to do.
So also, too, I’m also working on, we just, there’s an older home and really drafty.
So I’m going to be looking at insulating and stuff like that.
We have some insulation and stuff like that we need to do.
There’s just so much to do here.
And there’s always something to do on a homestead.
So like I said,
get your list ready.
We’re getting towards that time of year.
And, you know, don’t forget to enjoy yourself too a little bit.
You have to take a break and sometimes just enjoy yourself.
Go fishing or go on vacation, whatever you think you need to do to gear up because it’s,
you know, all work and no fun is not exactly a good thing either.
But like I said, we’ve got stuff to do.
Pretty soon I’ll be mowing the lawns on the weekend and stuff like that.
So, you know, it’s unbelievable how quick it comes around.
But like I said, also, too, folks, I do want to say below, as
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So I do want to go ahead and bring that up.
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They’ll support the show, but it also more importantly supports our troops.
And like I said, we are not going to have many sponsors on the show.
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But these guys, they reached out to me and I think we can both benefit from them as a
So we’re going to go ahead and use them as a sponsor.
I really love the fact they support the troops.
You know, I’m really big with that.
All of you guys that know me know I’m a very big supporter of our veterans.
We don’t do enough for our veterans in this country that do their service to this country
to keep it free.
And this is a way of, like I said, I was really happy to see what they’re doing.
So I was very glad to be able to work with them and support them.
So like I said, that link will be in the bottom of the show notes as well.
Also, too, we all know that there was a big Trump rally.
I mean, the news has been all over it all day.
I’m not really sure.
I’m going to talk about a whole lot about it.
But Trump, it’s the 30th anniversary of Waco.
Those of you that don’t know, if you guys don’t know what Waco is, some of you guys
listening may be a little young to remember it.
I was a kid when it happened in the 90s.
So I don’t remember a lot of it.
But if you do want to watch it, there is a show.
I’ll put it in the description box.
It’s on Paramount Plus.
If you want to watch it on Paramount Plus, it may even be on some of the other services.
You can find it online.
It’s called Waco.
It’s actually a miniseries.
It’s like six episodes.
It walks you through the entire thing that happened with Waco back when it happened back
in the 90s.
It’s very good.
A lot of it is true.
There’s a bunch of big name actors in it.
And it actually is a really good series.
I recommend it.
And this way you can kind of see what happened, especially people like me that remember it.
But are too young.
And some of you guys are even younger than me.
You may not.
You may have been born when it happened.
So it’s one of those things.
Go ahead and watch that series, Waco, and kind of see what’s going on with that.
And so you can kind of have a better idea of what happened in Waco.
But anyway, Trump had a rally there.
I guess the media has been up in arms about it.
I don’t agree with some of the stuff that happened today, if I’m being honest with you.
He had Ted Nugent there.
He had, you know, a lot of people.
You know, the Pit My Pillow guy.
They had a national anthem by the January 6th group.
They sung the national anthem.
He had his hand over his heart and all that kind of stuff.
And they showed pictures of the January 6th people.
And I don’t know.
I just really feel that it was, you know, I don’t care what your feelings on January 6th are.
But be as it may, whatever it is, I don’t think we should be.
Either way, him running for president, I don’t think it was a good idea for him to bring it up.
I don’t think it was appropriate.
I don’t think.
I don’t care what they say about the Capitol or whatever like that.
Anytime a big bunch of people, you know.
Again, I have mixed feelings on January 6th.
I really do.
But either way, it wasn’t appropriate for him to indemnify them.
And kind of try to make martyrs out of a lot of those people.
Some of those people were wrong in what they did.
It was inappropriate behavior regardless of what they did.
I mean, come on.
Taking a poop in somebody’s office?
I mean, that’s not appropriate.
That’s not appropriate anywhere.
Let alone the Capitol building.
A lot of those guys going in, stealing podiums.
I mean, it wasn’t appropriate.
It was looting.
And he needs to be careful with what he says to his supporters.
Because a lot of these people are diehards.
They will do whatever he says.
And the fact that it was at Waco is kind of creepy.
Considering Waco was actually a cult leader.
Dinesh was a cult leader.
And the fact that these people that follow Trump sometimes are kind of culty.
Not all of them.
Not all of them.
But a big chunk of them are.
Especially the ones that stormed the Capitol.
And knowing that a lot of them will do whatever he says is kind of creepy.
So the fact that it was in Waco I think was maybe, I don’t know if it was supposed to be symbolic or not.
But either way it was.
And it was kind of creepy.
I’m not going to lie.
I found it kind of creepy.
Especially being the 30th anniversary of Waco and stuff like that.
But either way, be as it may, he had it.
And he pointed out the January 6th people.
I don’t agree with that.
Ted Nugent played there.
He called the Ukrainian president Zelensky a homosexual weirdo.
Again, just none of the things he does is appropriate.
They said the MyPillow guy needs people because he’s going broke trying to support Trump.
And this whole thing.
I don’t know.
This whole thing with him.
I mean I really supported him at the beginning when he was running in 2016.
And I supported a lot of things he did during the presidency.
But after the presidency.
Some of his stuff.
I don’t agree with it.
There was no reason for, you know, a lot of stuff that happened on January 6th.
There was no, I mean, I know both sides after the election because of COVID.
You know, they both, both sides.
What, you know, had lawyers of that.
And then they were, you know, the recount and the recounting and the recounting and this.
I mean, I know, you know, they wanted to make sure and all that.
And, and, you know, then the whole thing with the fake news.
And I just think that I’m not saying he’s not right.
But I’m not.
I’m just saying.
I think a lot of it.
You know, I think, I think, you know, I think he, his biggest problem is his mouth and what he says.
And I think before he talks.
I don’t like DeSantis.
DeSantis won’t be getting my vote.
Because I don’t, I think he’s, I think he’s another one that I just don’t agree with.
And I don’t agree how wishy-washy he is.
Even the GOP primary is going to be starting up real soon.
He’s trying and like hell to, to not say anything bad about Trump.
Because he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to get, he doesn’t want to turn.
Turn off Trump’s voters.
Because he knows that if he wins, he’s going to need that base.
If he wants to beat, if he, if he wins the, you know, the Republican primary.
He’s going to need that base if he’s going to want to beat Trump.
So he’s trying to be very cautious about what he’s saying.
What he’s doing.
You know, people in Florida love him.
But, I mean, that, that’s where it ends, you know.
I mean, he doesn’t have a lot of support outside of Florida.
Maybe he’ll get Florida.
But you’ve got to, you need a lot more than one state to win the presidency.
So I’m very curious to see.
What’s going to happen with him going forward.
And, and if he can, if he even has a chance against Trump.
Maybe he’ll get Florida.
But I don’t know if he’ll get, you know, a lot of other things.
So we’ll see what other states.
So we’ll see what happens with that.
And now, you know, this whole thing going on with.
And the other problem is too is.
Trump’s coming into this thing with a lot of baggage.
Obviously, you know, they had four, you know, they’ve had what?
Four years to, to find stuff on him.
To try to do things so he can’t run again.
And now they have that whole thing where he last week.
He thought he was going to be, you know, in jail.
Or he’s going to get arrested.
Now they’re saying he.
They might be this week.
They’re saying.
And they have another jury of another what?
They have another thing where they’re meeting.
They have more witnesses now.
And now they have that everything going on with.
Trump’s lawyer saying that.
This is a different, different case altogether.
They’re saying now they have a thing with Trump’s lawyer where.
They, they’re poking a hole in the whole thing.
With a lawyer.
Lawyer client privilege saying that Trump lied to him.
So now.
It’s not really lawyer client privilege anymore.
They’re going to make Trump’s own lawyer testify him, which is.
Kind of shaky ground.
Something that’s never been done before, but now that’s come up in the news.
That’s good story.
Hasn’t got a lot of press, but it’s been.
In the news quite a bit.
Megan Kelly talked about it on her podcast.
Over on serious.
And she talked.
And now that.
So now you have somebody.
One of the first times ever.
You’re going to have.
Lawyer client privilege is going to be broken, which kind of sets a precedent,
which she was talking about.
Where his lawyer might have to say everything that he was told from Trump.
And, and that whole thing now.
So that’s a little more baggage he’s going to have coming in.
And that’s if.
Everything doesn’t come out with, you know, this whole thing in, in New York,
which is again, they’re there.
They reconvened and they’re trying to see what they can do.
With that.
So I’m curious to see what’s going to happen.
And that picture of him with that bat that he put up on Friday.
And then they were saying, you know, they, he took it off a true social,
because I guess somebody had said that could be possibly one of his people
would have said that could be construed as a death threat.
So they, he took it down.
That’s what they’re saying anyway.
You know, so he, he’s got a lot of baggage going into this too.
So DeSantis and him, I’ll be curious to see what happens going forward here
over the next, next couple of next.
It’s going to be an interesting Republican primary and it’s going to be
another mess.
I can almost guarantee it.
So we’ll have to see what happens there.
What time we’ll tell, obviously anything with, with law or anything with the
government, it always moves slow.
And like I said, I’d be curious to see what happens.
But like I said, the big thing I want to see is what’s going to happen with.
So apparently the, the reason why this, I mean, it’s not illegal to pay
somebody to be quiet.
It’s illegal to pay somebody out of, uh, out of campaign funds to be quiet.
And now Cohen, they’re saying they have proof that Cohen didn’t pay it out of
his funds.
He paid it out of campaign funds.
He paid it out of his personal, uh, money, which isn’t a felony.
But then the problem is now if, if the campaign paid him back, that is a
felony at the state level.
But if they, if they did it and then try to cover it up now, it’s a federal
So, uh, if you really want to hear more about this, I really recommend
listening to Megan’s Kelly shows, uh, from Millie, Megan Kelly show from
Uh, the reason why I say that, I mean, she obviously doesn’t need my
publicity, but she’s a, she is a lawyer and she had a couple of other
lawyers on that were explaining it.
And I’m not going to lie.
I’m not, I’m not a law expert at all.
Uh, she’s got a little more of a law degree.
She was a lawyer.
And like I said, she had a lawyer on her show who was able to really, uh, you
know, explain it a lot more in detail.
So if you really want more information and even if you don’t have serious,
that’s okay.
Her show is free.
The Megan Kelly podcast is free every day.
Uh, so if you don’t have satellite, that’s okay.
You can go listen to her podcast and there is a lot of good information on
As far as the, uh, the law and how the law works, which, uh, and all that
and how they’re doing this really was a lot more in detail than I could get.
So please go ahead and listen to that.
If you really want to get in depth, what’s going on, it’s like a two hour
podcast, but, uh, it’s very informative and it’ll give you a lot more
information than I can from more of a higher level of law.
But I thought that was a quite interesting listening to her.
And then obviously, of course we have, of course, get her in the news this
If those of you that don’t know what getter is, getter is a, another,
is another rumble.
It’s another, uh, true social.
It’s more of like a, it’s more, I would say more like a rumble than, than, uh,
that are true social, but it’s kind of like social media Mick meets live
It’s, it’s actually very, it’s actually pretty good.
It’s a good idea.
And apparently now they’re saying that the, there are a couple of Chinese
business people that were involved in getter, uh, are in trouble because they,
and they’re going to have their, they’re going to get, there’s going to lose
a big, one of their big backers financially.
So they’re wondering, uh,
what’s going to happen with getter and the use of what they’re promoting and,
and that they’re, they’re talking about possible Chinese, uh, you know,
owning that.
And why is it okay for the Chinese to own getter when it’s a right wing
platform, but not okay when the Chinese own something like Tik TOK.
And, and actually I have to be honest with you.
I didn’t know getter was, was backed by a bunch of Chinese backers, uh,
Well, it may have, apparently they’re there.
They say they’re,
they’re Chinese businessmen, but, uh, you know,
who knows if the Chinese government has their hooks in that.
So, uh, I thought that was an interesting conversation.
Like, okay, well, if getters owned by, by Chinese, why is it okay?
Well, is it because it’s right wing and not left and not left leaning like Tik TOK.
I, again, interesting conversation.
I did not know that getter was owned by, you know, by the, by a couple of Chinese
businessmen with the backers.
Now there has not been any investigation.
And together, I’ve been, I probably won’t, especially with the Republican
house and getter is, and the other thing too, my getter, it’s a much tinier
platform than, I mean, we’re talking much tinier, but if a fraction of the
size of Tik TOK and it doesn’t really do video, it really, I mean, it does do
video because it’s live streaming, but, uh, it doesn’t really do anything.
Um, it’s, uh, it’s not, it is, it is a creator platform.
I shouldn’t say that because it is a creative platform, but it’s more of a
live streaming platform.
The people that are on there.
There are big names.
Uh, I am not going to name a list of shows.
There’s tons of them on there, but they’re, they’re bigger name shows with
bigger audiences and stuff like that.
So, uh, like I said, it’s not like a little, but, but Tik TOK, the thing that
the, the thing that’s interesting about Tik TOK is the audience demographic is
And I think that’s why it’s, it’s a bigger issue because getter is, is going
to be more aimed at the, the, the Republican, uh, older, the older Republicans.
They’re not older, but like, you know, the, that more of that, you know, 18
and over crowd where you have Tik TOK, which is for the more younger generation
and, and, you know, and more of the, uh, it’s, it’s more, Tik TOK is more
geared towards that younger group.
Um, the children, you know, the kids, and that’s what they always say.
Oh, the kids, the kids, that’s always what they say when they want to go
after something, but, uh, you know, it is more aimed at the right wing
getters more aimed at that right wing, older demographic, you know, 18 and
over demographic where Tik TOK is more aimed at a younger demographic.
So I think that’s part of it.
And with the Republican house and with the way the right wing doesn’t have a
lot of media, uh, you know, a lot of big media sites.
I don’t think, uh, that’s going to be, if they’re not going to have to rumble,
they’re sure as heck not going to have to get her.
But apparently getter, like I said, there’s a, you know, 10, you know,
apparently saying getter dolled out tens of, uh, tens of thousands of dollars
to right wing figures, including Trump, Trump advisors, Bannon and others,
uh, to be able to bring them.
On to get her, uh, to be able to build, build their platform.
Because I know that is, he is one of the ones that are on there.
Uh, you know, apparently, like I said, there’s a lot of other people that are
on there that are very right wing.
And they’re saying that, you know, this is, um, you know, if they’re not,
you know, they’re saying they nearly have 7.5 million users, which is
nothing compared to Tik TOKs.
I think, I mean, billions of users.
So it is a much smaller platform, but I get what they’re trying to say is, is
why isn’t that being investigated?
Let’s get a Chinese backer where you have Tik TOK being is, but you’re talking,
I mean, that’s a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the user base and a
fraction of the cost to run something like that compared to something like
Tik TOK.
So we’ll have to wait and see.
I don’t think anything’s going to happen with getter, but apparently like
some of the backers are Chinese and one, a couple of them got, did get in
trouble and they might lose some of the backers.
I don’t think the site’s going to be, they’re not in any danger of being,
you know, taken down or that, but.
You know, like I said, it is, it is interesting.
Uh, Elon Musk says Twitter’s worth half of what he paid.
You know, I gotta say part of that is the way he’s really, he’s lost a lot of
He’s lost a lot of support with that.
Uh, you know, and I don’t necessarily think that’s all Twitter’s fault.
I think some of it’s the way it’s been run.
I’ve often said many times that, you know, he’s kind of the reason why it’s in
the situation it is right now.
Uh, cause the way he ran it and a lot of things he’s done and, you know, I, I
just think it’s been, you know, Twitter’s Twitter, first of all, Twitter really
catered for the longest time to the left.
And then, you know, when Elon Musk took it over and started catering to the
right, he knew he was going to lose a big chunk of his user base.
You know, he lost a lot of people to Mastodon and, and, and Fediverse and,
and a lot of those other places where a lot of people that, that like Twitter
Uh, he didn’t lose everybody, but he lost a big, I bet a large chunk of his
audience, probably, you know, millions and millions of users and w which doesn’t
sound like a lot, but you’re looking at Twitter only had like 120, 140 million
users, maybe, uh, they said 300 million, but I, a lot of people said it was a lot
Even he said it was a lot less.
So he lost, you know, probably a big chunk of the users to there.
So I would say probably it is worth a lot less now because there’s a lot less
users, a lot less advertisers.
I think Pepsi still advertises on their big advertiser.
Uh, he’s got a couple of big ones on there, but definitely without a doubt, he, it definitely
is a much smaller audience than what he had.
Lots more user base than what he had before.
But I will say that, uh, I definitely think that it’s, I don’t, I think if I would say
I would rate probably Twitter, probably the biggest, uh, right wing, uh, service so far
out of any of them.
Uh, definitely, uh, much bigger than, uh, you know, anything like rumble or, or getter
or any of those, even true social, I mean, it way bigger than even true social.
But so, but I definitely think he did lose a lot of his audience, a lot of his user base,
but, uh, you know, a lot are probably going to go there, especially if Donald Trump starts
using it again.
Uh, another thing is, you know, cause I know a lot, there’s been a lot of thing about,
is he going to lead true social and go to Twitter?
And I don’t know, but either way, he definitely is a much smaller audience.
More audience than the other one.
So let’s see what happens.
Uh, you know, going forward with, with Twitter, but I think Twitter is, it definitely, I definitely
think he’s had a cut back.
There’s definitely been issues with the platform.
There’s been issues with the way it’s run.
He’s had a lot of layoffs.
So that’s, so, I mean, it’s, you know, it is a smaller platform, but again, it is, you
know, at least, you know, it’s the, probably the biggest one out of all of them now, as
far as the right wing goes.
So, so another interesting thing, those of you that don’t know that, uh,
that, uh, live up here in Pennsylvania, like myself, uh, we don’t live close.
We have our own well, thank goodness.
But, uh, Delaware river, there was another big spill.
Now, apparently, uh, they’re telling people in Philly do not, uh, drink the water.
They’re telling people to get tap water, all the stores, all the companies that distribute
They’re all taxed right now because everybody in Philly is trying to get water because they
not going to drink their own water.
So, and I’m sure, you know, just like anything else is pure.
Mongering everybody’s probably running out to buy water.
Uh, I would imagine usually when something like this happens, uh, you know, we always
keep, we always keep at least, you know, the 50 gallon, at least probably 25 to 50
gallons of water here just in case of, but, uh, anytime stuff like this does happen in
a big city where people don’t have their own wells, they all rely on that city water.
I can almost guarantee you the national guard is going to come in and people are going to
have to go there with their jugs and, and fill up water.
So that, so, I mean, I had a man, I mean,
it’s going to, I’m going to imagine if, if they can’t drink the water and the water
space contaminated because of the spill again, uh, the national guard probably will step
They usually do.
I’ve seen this happen a few times before in the past, uh, places like Jersey city and
things like that where the water, they can’t drink it.
Uh, we had a couple of years ago with that, uh, city with the rusty pipes, they can drink.
So the, what will happen is, is eventually the, you know, like I said, the national guard
will come in and say, Hey, you know, we’re going to step in here for a little bit.
And, you know, and that’s kind of what happened.
So I wouldn’t, I, those people, I feel bad for them.
It definitely stinks.
We can’t, you know, much of that water, you can’t really live without water.
And even just taking a shower, I don’t even know if I don’t even know, I don’t know that
I’m supposed to drink it, but I don’t know if they can shower with, they haven’t, I have
the article up right now.
There isn’t, it just says, don’t drink the water and tells people to drink tap.
Don’t drink the tap water.
But I don’t, I wonder if, I don’t know if they, it doesn’t say if they can take a shower
or not.
I’m, I’m looking through here because you, you would,
I would think if you can’t drink it, you probably shouldn’t bathe in it either, or at least
keep your mouth shut when you’re, keep your eyes closed.
But I don’t know.
They haven’t really said that.
That’s always something I’m curious to see too, is, is if they can, if they can’t drink
and they shower with it.
I’m not, not, none of the articles say, I’m sure there’ll be an announcement sooner or
later, but like I said, you know, it’s, I don’t know what to say.
I’m reading through the articles right now.
It doesn’t say if they can bathe in it or not.
It just says, make sure not to drink any tap water.
So I’m curious.
Like I said, we see what happens.
I’m sure there’ll be more information as we, you know, as we go forward.
But I do feel bad for those guys.
Also too, folks, a couple of things I do want to say.
I got a couple of emails too last week or a couple of messages too during the live stream
that I didn’t get to.
I wanted to just bring up, first of all, somebody had asked about what, what about early warning
What do I think?
Um, you know, as far as early warning systems, I, I personally,
I, I don’t, I have, we have an early warning system here.
We have two dogs, um, which are kind of our, uh, our early warning systems.
Anybody comes to the door, anybody comes near the property, they both start barking like
And I really do like that.
It gives me an extra second to, you know, let us know somebody’s here and they’re not.
Uh, so like I said, we use the, you know, we have the dogs, but they, you know, for,
for kind of an early warning system.
But the, I know a lot of people, I know like friends of mine, they have things at the bottom
of their driveway that when you come in,
it bangs to, you know, somebody’s pulled in.
Uh, I know I have a lot of friends that have other early warning systems, but the problem
is if you have a big acre to land, uh, how do you, you know, that whole big area, if
you have, you know, you know, just picture your property in one big square, one big circle,
you can’t necessarily, you know, make an early warning system for that whole thing.
So, uh, you know, I think, I think the biggest thing you have to do is, I mean, like I said,
if you are somebody that has, that has a dog, uh, you know, that’s probably would be the
best thing because anytime, because dogs are much better hearing, they can alert you.
There are ways to train your dog to alert you when they hear noises.
Uh, so I think, like I said, I always recommend if you’re, if you’re worried about an early
warning system, I always say get a pet.
Um, it’s a dog, especially one like a, like a, like a, uh, any kind of beagle or any kind,
and it’s going to make a lot of noise that you’re going to hear it.
So I always say that.
I told them when I tell everybody, uh, there are things you can do for early warning systems,
you know, early warning systems.
You know, people say you can get a trip lines, but then you promise somebody trips your heart
when he gets hurt, then you’re going to be sued for it.
So, you know, it, it’s one of those things where, you know, you know, in this day and
age, you’re, you know, Dan, if you’re doing Dan, if you know it, you know, but, um, I
always tell people the safest early warning sign is a dog that’s in the, you know, they
can bark or something.
They hear somebody coming.
Well, like I said, they do have systems out there.
Somebody, you know, crosses your driveway, you can get a bing alarm or a binger warning
in your house.
Um, they do have stuff like ring nowadays.
Which I know a lot of people, there’s a lot of controversy about the ring doorbells, but
if somebody’s at the door, you can get a thing in your phone or the alarm in the house goes
off, uh, all those kinds of things.
But as far as if you have a big property, you worry about somebody, you know, I mean,
you can put up fences, but something climb over the fence, not really a warning system
But, uh, there’s a lot of things you can do.
Like I said, I do know people that do have, have had trip wires where it sets off an alarm
and stuff like that.
You know, I, again, you gotta be careful.
People fall, get hurt.
You can be sued, you’re homeless, some of that.
But yeah.
You know, the, they, I’ve always told people the best warning system is, is, is a dog.
I mean, I, I feel, I feel that way.
Even if he’s friend and then people say all the time, well, what if my dog is friendly?
It doesn’t matter.
He’s still gonna, as long as he barks, that’s all you need.
That’s all you need to do is hear somebody to bark.
That’s all you need, um, to get an early warning sign.
You know what I mean?
I mean, you’re not talking to me now.
If you want a guard dog, that’s, you know, different, but, uh, just as far as just an
early warning system, um, any dog that, that barks when they hear somebody will, will do.
So, uh, that’s what I tell is probably the safest thing.
Maybe not, maybe not the cheapest thing, but, uh, it is kind of the, the safest thing without
reasons to be tripping and falling and get hurt or something like that.
And if you just want something to, for your driveway, something simple, something basic,
uh, they do have alarm for that.
They do have alarms for the front door.
They do have ring doorbells.
They have things like that.
You can put just for alarms if you don’t want to get a pet, but I always say the dogs are
the best early warning system.
So, uh, that’s something, you know, you could do the, uh, the other thing somebody had asked,
uh, was, and I thought this was kind of a, kind of an interesting question.
Somebody had asked about, uh, taking classes and learning about, uh, you know, how to grow
things, how to, how to, how to set up a food system, some of that.
There are, uh, agriculture classes, uh, up here again, we are in, you know, we’re really
out in the country here.
And so there are, uh, agriculture classes and stuff that I actually even offered at
the local high school.
Uh, one of the other high schools, not too far from here, they actually have a
whole agriculture class.
Uh, that’s actually part of, uh, you can do it for like their vote tech.
Cause we have so many farms up here.
Uh, they do have that.
If you are interested in any of that stuff, uh, I recommend before, before you spend the
money on taking a class, uh, maybe if you want to look on YouTube, there’s a lot of
stuff on YouTube that you can find that’s a free and won’t cost you anything.
If you’re really interested in that, you kind of go down the rabbit hole with that.
Uh, they do have, there are other things you can do.
Uh, I’ve heard of company called like,
like, um, permeo ethos and I’ve heard of, uh, some other, other things as well.
I’m not trying to think of the name there.
There are any of those core, there’s lots of places you can take courses online.
If you Google it, uh, there are online courses that people make that you could take.
There are actual courses you can take at colleges and stuff like that.
Uh, there’s a lot you could do.
Like I said, I’ve heard of companies called permeo ethos, which that’s all the kind of
courses they sell or that.
And those are actually online or in person.
And the in-person classes I know are very expensive because you actually have to go
to fly out to somewhere and they actually teach you how to do it.
I’ve seen those.
I have never taken one, but I have heard of them.
Uh, like I said, there are other classes as well that I see.
Like I said, there’s places online, Skillshare.
Uh, if you look on there, I’m sure there are tons of plate people that have courses
online for that.
Like I said, YouTube is a great source to start with.
I’d recommend starting there at least with YouTube, uh, and kind of going down the rabbit
and see if you like it.
So I would say watch it cause there are tons of agricultural videos online, uh, that you
could watch and, you know, really at least kind of get your, get your
foot wet, you know, your feet wet in it.
And then, like I said, there are also, like I said, up here we have, again, cause we’re
a very rural area.
So up by us, you know, there are college, there are actually courses that they actually
offer up here for it.
And then like I said, there are actually vote tech and things like that, that you can get
involved with up here.
Uh, if you’re in the city area, you may have to just rely online, but go ahead.
And like I said, look it up on YouTube.
And like I said, Skillshare, a lot of those kinds of websites, there are people that make
courses that you can actually watch and learn.
Uh, and a lot of things that I, that I actually did take some of those courses, uh, when I
was curious and a lot of things I didn’t think of a lot of tips and tricks, some of that.
And like I said, I learned a lot too, by watching, watching YouTube and stuff like that.
So, uh, like I said, I would recommend starting there first.
So you kind of, uh, like I said, see if you got a feel for it, if you like it, if you
can’t even do it.
I know myself, I’m not gonna lie.
I don’t have a green thumb.
I mostly rely on my wife does a lot of the gardening.
I would plant trees, uh, stuff like that.
We’ve had good luck with the hydroponic systems.
Uh, you know, we’ve done those over the years.
Uh, they’re not as much work, but we’ve had good luck with those over the years.
Uh, some of the indoor hydroponics, even we’ve done over the winter in the garage and stuff
like that.
So there are things you can do.
Uh, like I said, that you can try and there’s things we, you will have luck with some stuff
you won’t have luck with, and you just got to try it and go with it.
Like I said, I really recommend just start with YouTube and, and, and, and some of that.
And just really.
You know, try some things, see if you like it, see if you’re good at it, uh, before really
diving in head first, and you might want to go down the rabbit hole.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
Uh, also to podcast, there are tons of agricultural podcasts.
Uh, there’s tons of agriculture radio shows too.
I know you’re going to be like, what?
Um, but there are, um, I know there’s a, there’s a PA farm.
I think it’s a PA farm country or something like that.
Dot com.
There’s a weekly agriculture.
He actually does.
I think, I think it’s actually five days a week.
It’s an agriculture radio show.
It’s like two hours a week.
And he talks all about, um, uh, he has all different farmers on all different people
on, and they, they talk about agriculture, talk about farm equipment, talk about old.
I mean, you know, and again, it’s like, it’s like a niche thing, but it’s very, very good.
And I really recommend if you, if you really want to get into it, uh, I really, really
recommend that’s a great resource to start with.
Uh, you know, not everything he does is about agriculture.
Some of it is about, you know, country radio and stuff like that.
So it’s not all, you know, as there are some episodes you got to skip over, but you know,
he does a great show on agriculture.
It’s a very niche thing, but he’s done a great job with it.
And like I said, he’s, he’s actually broadcasted, I think in over, I think, you know, on over
200 radio stations, uh, in, in most of the, the urban areas.
I knew you could listen to him online, but I know he’s got, like I said, I know he’s
a really good one as well.
I’ve listened to his show before on the radio.
Uh, like I said, it’s, it’s, you know, a guy where culture is, is a really tough thing.
It’s a very niche thing, but if you really want to get into it and learn how to do all
this kind of stuff, uh, I know that’s a great resource.
Like I said, I know him personally.
Um, he’s a good, he’s a friend and I know he does a great job.
Like I said, not everything, you know, is about, you know, it’s one of those things
where you kind of, you know, some of the shows are about music and that’s, you have to kind
of shift through it, but, uh, you know, he does a good show also too.
Uh, if you’re up, if you’re in a rural area or you want to take a vacation to a rural
area, there’s tons of summers coming up.
There are tons of farm shows.
Uh, they’re just like regular trade shows.
There are tons of farm shows you could go to if you want to get into this kind of stuff.
Uh, I recommend that.
That’s something you can do.
Uh, any of the fairs, uh, there’s always a lot of farmers at a lot of the state fairs.
Uh, go to any of those, talk to those guys.
If you really want to get into it, if you want to learn something or find out where
you can learn how to do it, uh, that’s another great resource as well.
Uh, I guess there, there are a lot of things with this.
It’s a big industry.
You just have to find what you’re into, what you want to do, and then find the right people.
And as long, you know, like I said, this is kind of a niche thing I’ve noticed where in
the sense of some people are very into a certain kind of agriculture.
There are no certain kind of growing this or a certain kind of growing that.
And it is, like I said, the big thing, you just got to sort of start where you want to
start and go from there.
Uh, there I’ve found, I mean, you can go down the rabbit hole just on, just on the,
the hydroponic systems.
You can go down the rabbit hole on, on just chicken farming.
You can go down the rabbit hole on, on, uh, you know, field growing and, and corn, all,
I mean, all a potato.
There are just so, I mean, everything has its own little niche in, in any kind of agriculture.
There are guys that just specialize in the agricultural equipment.
Uh, like I said, you, you really want to go up.
Like I said, there are a couple of good resources I gave you.
Uh, go ahead and check those out.
Like I said, the radio show is pretty cool cause it’s free.
Uh, I’ve found a lot of great resources.
Uh, the YouTube, YouTube is pretty cool because it’s free.
Uh, before you really think about getting a class, just listen to some of those shows
and see if you, if you really enjoy it, really you’re into it.
And is it what you thought it was?
You know, the worst thing is to spend money on something you really don’t like.
So I think that was a really good, but I wanted to get into that because I thought that was
really interesting, especially knowing that there’s a radio show that’s across the country.
That’s like an agriculture show.
I think that’s really neat.
Uh, especially, you know, you know, I know radio FM radio is getting to be a tough thing,
but the fact that an agriculture show can make a go of it, I thought was really awesome.
And, uh, he’s a really nice guy.
And please, like I said, look them up.
If you are interested in any of this, uh, any of that stuff, it, uh, actually is pretty
And there’s a lot of really good information, uh, for any of you guys that are interested
in agriculture.
So go ahead and look that up.
There’s one other question I got that I’ve answered it before in the past, but I haven’t
answered it recently.
Uh, that when I, that again, these are some of the questions I got after a rumble went
on it.
You got, again, if you guys send me any kind of comments or anything like that, I over
I do read all your comments.
Anything you guys do, even on the podcast, I always read the comments or try to reply
back to them.
So, uh, let me ask me too, what I’m doing this year in the homestead.
If I’m doing chickens, if I’m doing swans, if I’m doing ducks, what am I doing?
I’m not really sure yet.
Uh, we have a bunch of stuff planned right now that we’re going to be doing this year
on the homestead.
I’m not really, usually I get the chickens and I do the chips with the cost of egging
right now.
I have done chickens the last couple of years.
I’m not sure if I will or not this year.
My wife and I are talking about it.
Uh, I’m not exactly sure.
I would like to do the, my wife likes the lakes, the chickens.
Uh, but the ducks also were handy too, because the ducks would, you know, they would use
the little pond, you know, the little pond pools we have out.
And then, and you know, at the end of the day or whatever, I would just water my wife’s
plants with it.
So it was a big water saver.
And also too, my wife had great plants because the ducks were using the water all day and
she got a, you know, good fertilizer from it.
So, uh, the ducks were much easier.
Uh, the ducks were much easier.
They definitely were made it easy with the watering and stuff like that,
especially since my wife does a small garden.
I don’t know if we’re going to do that again this year.
We may.
I mean, now the ducks are nice.
They serve a double purpose.
They lay eggs, and they also served as fertilizer.
But I’m not really sure if we are going to do that again this year.
We may just go ahead with the regular chickens just because it’s easier,
it’s cheaper.
Like I said, and the other thing is too,
we do have some land that we’re trying to get so we can use it for other
things besides just dirt.
So I was thinking about fencing the chickens off in there this year and kind
of letting them roam free in there all summer long and going into the winter
so this way we could really get that land fertile for growing.
So we’re not really sure yet.
We’re still kind of kicking around.
We’ve got to make a decision soon, but we still have a little time with that.
The only bad.
The bad about the ducks is unlike chickens, they do.
They really do destroy a lot of.
They do.
They do destruction too.
They eat a lot of the vegetation and stuff like that where chickens mostly just
pack and scrape and kind of do what chickens do,
which make the land rich and fertile.
Ducks are great.
Yes, they do.
Fried eggs.
They do by fertilizer,
but they also have a tendency to really do a lot of damage to when it comes to
some of my plants and,
and they chew on all the different leaves of the trees.
the ducks are great.
They are a lot of fun.
They’re adorable.
The kids loved them last year and the year,
but you know,
they can,
they do a lot of damage as well as serve a purpose too.
So I’m not really sure.
We might just see the chickens cause it might just be easier.
We’ll have to see what happens.
The only thing bad about chickens is you got to,
you know,
they go all the place.
They poop all over the place.
The same with ducks.
So I’m not really sure yet what we’re going to do.
We’re kind of talking about it.
My wife and I kick the ideas around and we got to make a decision.
But like I said,
we haven’t decided yet,
but there’s,
there’s a couple,
you know,
we haven’t decided yet.
Like I said,
I don’t have the,
the other problem is I don’t have the shed and all like we had the shed.
We had to tear down because it was falling apart.
So I don’t have the shed for them anymore.
Like I did.
So I’ll have to re I’ll have to re fence off another area.
And the other fence we have,
we’re using for the dogs because a lot of times we let the dogs outside and
they like to run around on the fence all day when it’s a nice day outside.
So I’m using that fence scenario now too for something else.
So I have to figure out what I’m going to do with the ducks.
I have to either eat with the ducks or the chickens.
I’ll have to just,
you know,
fence off a different area.
So we’re,
we’ll see.
I’m not,
we might not even do it this year.
It depends on what I do.
I still have all the stuff from it.
I just like,
I still have all the,
the cages and stuff like that if I really want to,
but I have to really decide what we’re going to do.
Like I said,
I have a lot to do and that’s something else to take care of.
And while I think is great.
And like I said,
the eggs and all that,
especially with the cost of eggs and stuff like that.
But it’s something else to do when I already have a pretty full plate this
year of stuff we’re going to do here on the homestead.
So we’ll have to see what happens.
I’m not saying no,
I’m just saying,
I don’t know yet.
We’re going to have to make a decision soon.
It depends on my wife too,
what she wants to do and how much she’s got going on to this summer.
She does do some volunteer work and stuff like that in the summer.
and she’s also helping out with her dad as well.
So it really depends on,
on what we got to do and what she’s doing and all that.
So like I said,
we’ll figure it out.
But yeah,
that was something,
another comment that somebody had said,
wanted to know what we were doing with that.
So we’ll have to wait and see.
I want to do it again,
but it’s,
it is a lot of work.
So we’ll see.
The swans were fun because they were really pretty and I really liked them,
but they,
they didn’t actually lay as many eggs as they should have.
Like I said,
they were the swan.
I don’t think I would do swans again.
They were expensive and they really didn’t lay as many eggs as they were.
And then some of them were kind of nasty and some of that.
I would probably do the ducks again though,
or the chickens,
but I don’t think I,
you almost guarantee over,
not doing the swans again.
Cause they were just,
they were pretty and all that.
But like I said,
they were,
and I just didn’t,
I don’t,
I didn’t really care for them too much.
If I’m being honest,
the swans,
they care.
The ducks were fun.
The chickens were fun.
The kids really loved the ducks and the chickens,
but the swans were,
I just didn’t care for their temperament.
Maybe I just get a bad batch.
I don’t know.
Blakey said,
we’ll see what happens,
going forward.
somebody asked me,
the last time I talked about spin fires,
ask me how many cords we go through in a winter.
It really depends on how we,
we run the fireplace mostly all the time.
I run it pretty high because it heats the whole house.
So we,
we go through about maybe three,
four cords of wood a year,
probably maybe three or four,
but closer to probably three.
But like I said,
you know,
you know,
it’s one of those things where,
it depends on the size of your house and what kind of fireplace you’re running,
how high you’re,
how you’re running it and all that.
we like it because it’s a big money saver,
especially since we do have a lot of trees that we took down and stuff like that.
like I said,
we ran,
we did quite,
quite a few,
we went through about three or four cords.
I put about a half,
about three cords,
I think about half a cord left.
but yeah,
so like I said,
you know,
that’s the only two it’s,
you know,
it’s cut,
it’s split in it,
stacking it.
It’s a lot to do.
So like I said,
you know,
when you have a lot to do,
sometimes you have to figure out what you,
you know,
don’t have time for.
And fortunately I,
you know,
some projects are just gonna have to wait cause that has to get done.
but I want to wrap it up.
I want to thank everybody for listening and hopefully I will see you guys.
There’ll definitely be a podcast this weekend,
but hopefully there’ll be a live stream on rumble.
I want to thank everybody for listening and we will see you on the next episode.
Thank you very much.