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Before I get jump into the to the news portion of the show

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I guess you could say I actually have a stack of news articles here

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We’re gonna get to all of it, but I just want to point out to I’m gonna

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I’m gonna put the link in the show notes below for our rumble. I actually have been posting videos up on rumble

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I have one up there right now, which it talks all about the 2000 election controversy

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with George W Bush

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Dick Cheney and of course

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Against Al Gore. I forget who his vice president was but it doesn’t matter

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Anyway, but yeah, I have the whole thing there up. It’s about a seven minute seven and a half minute video

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I cut that all myself. I produced it through I am I

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Directed it cut all the clips myself. I guess you can say I produced it but

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Go ahead and take a look at that. Like I said, I’ll put the links to it in the show notes below

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It’s actually a really good

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Clip I have I’m gonna try to do a short video every week up on rumble. I have a couple of things

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I’ve already got in the

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In the pocket to go two other videos and I’m working on some other stuff

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But like I said, I just wanted to say I’ll do with that. That’ll be that’s all of course all that stuff

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You can find up on our website survivalist podcast

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Vossie it’s all if you click on videos. There’s links to all the video stuff there too as well

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But I always tell everybody just go to our website cuz we put everything on there

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But if not, if you wanna go directly to rumble of the link below

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Like I said stack of news stories

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this week

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Just so much to talk about I guess for me the bit for me anyway

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I would I feel because I use it a lot the big news of the week is that Goldman Sachs?

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has said that they do not they want to get out of the business with

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With Apple Goldman Sachs saying that the Apple card has not been profitable

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they’re saying that there’s been so many issues with people charging stuff not paying for it and

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There’s been a lot of issues with fees and things that if it’s not worked out for Goldman Sachs

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And now they’re actually saying that they don’t think it’s profitable and that they want to get out of that business with Apple

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Apple is looking at possibly partnering with somebody else

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And they are actually looking at possibly American Express. So I bring that up

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I know I tell everybody you try you should have tried to one thing

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You should always try to pay down any credit card that you have

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I know we’re living in an economy right now or some people have no choice

00:02:42.600 –> 00:02:45.780
But to use their credit cards, especially if you have like a big car bill or something like that

00:02:45.780 –> 00:02:50.200
we actually use the Apple card because we like the

00:02:50.200 –> 00:02:52.640
reward you get two percent back

00:02:52.640 –> 00:02:55.700
And three and four percent back depending on if you go certain places

00:02:55.700 –> 00:02:58.600
So we use it because you get the money back and then we pay it off every month

00:02:58.600 –> 00:03:00.320
That’s one card that we use for that

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But who doesn’t have a little I mean some credit card debt you try not to have any but who doesn’t at this point?

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But especially with this crazy economy and the prices of everything going up

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But like I said, we use it and actually some interesting things. I want to talk about with the credit cards

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I know it’s usually do news first, but a

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Friend of mine they actually have gone they went to you. They’re going to Europe this summer

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For their I believe it’s their their and I think it’s our anniversary or something like that or it could be

00:03:27.080 –> 00:03:34.480
Some event anyway, it doesn’t matter but they use they have a card a credit card through

00:03:35.520 –> 00:03:42.560
The their actual through I believe it’s the airline and what you use every time you use the cards like we get money back on

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our card, but instead of that what they do is you get miles and

00:03:46.080 –> 00:03:51.740
And actually if you get the more you use the credit card the more miles you get

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So they’re actually said they already have they’ve used been using this credit card since last year knowing they were going on this trip

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And they already almost have enough miles for one of them to go round trip and it won’t cost them anything

00:04:02.320 –> 00:04:07.840
I mean that’s that is a prime example of like I said how you should use a credit card make that money work

00:04:07.840 –> 00:04:08.800
For you

00:04:08.800 –> 00:04:09.160
like I said

00:04:09.160 –> 00:04:14.120
We use the Apple card a lot only because we like to get two and three percent back and then we we actually automatically

00:04:14.120 –> 00:04:19.140
transfer that money to the savings account a little money in savings where we put it back in our checking account, but

00:04:19.140 –> 00:04:23.920
Like I said, you should always be using credit cards that give you rewards

00:04:23.920 –> 00:04:27.060
If you’re not if you’re using a credit card that doesn’t give you any rewards don’t use it

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Like I said very really important to make sure that you you know, if you are using credit cards you try to pay them off

00:04:33.160 –> 00:04:36.760
And also to making sure that you you know

00:04:36.760 –> 00:04:43.480
Are getting points back and rewards back with that stuff, but I thought that was interesting. And the other thing that was interesting is

00:04:43.480 –> 00:04:48.160
Apple actually was supposed to get their Apple watch band

00:04:48.160 –> 00:04:53.640
Started I guess they they went to the courts and they actually got an extension up to the fifth

00:04:53.640 –> 00:04:55.640
I guess they’re hoping that by the fifth

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They’re hoping that President Biden will go ahead and sign it and allow them to keep selling them

00:05:00.440 –> 00:05:07.120
If you guys remember there was a patent dispute over the iPhone and Obama signed it so they can keep selling iPhones in America

00:05:07.120 –> 00:05:12.960
Sometimes the president can come step in and do that. I know that’s what happened to Apple

00:05:12.960 –> 00:05:17.100
they would have been not been able to sell iPhones which imagine how the world would it be different if that had happened, but

00:05:17.100 –> 00:05:22.640
Like I said in this particular case, it’s actually if they can get Biden to sign the executive order

00:05:23.640 –> 00:05:26.400
That they don’t have to be banned they can keep selling them

00:05:26.400 –> 00:05:31.620
The issue reason why they’re being banned is because they have some kind of patent violation on the o2 sensor

00:05:31.620 –> 00:05:37.160
The only that my only concern about that is I actually use the o2 sensor mine for sleep apnea

00:05:37.160 –> 00:05:40.160
So I’m more hoping that either Apple pays them

00:05:40.160 –> 00:05:43.640
To license the patent or I’m hoping that Apple

00:05:43.640 –> 00:05:50.900
Doesn’t just send an update out and disable the functionality because companies have done that Google did that when they lost the Sonos

00:05:51.720 –> 00:05:53.720
Patent lawsuit or stuff like that. So

00:05:53.720 –> 00:05:59.800
I’m actually really really hoping that that does not happen. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens with that

00:05:59.800 –> 00:06:06.720
Um something else I wanted to talk about that was in the news this week that I thought was really interesting to tech

00:06:06.720 –> 00:06:12.680
The New York Times is actually suing Microsoft and chat GPT

00:06:12.680 –> 00:06:19.760
For copyright infringement now New York Times is behind a paywall as you know, well apparently

00:06:21.360 –> 00:06:27.320
Microsoft has been has used all the database of I mean New York Times have had articles

00:06:27.320 –> 00:06:31.520
I mean for I mean decades now, I mean, I think it’s over 100 years old. I think that newspaper

00:06:31.520 –> 00:06:34.760
But anyway, they’ve been using that

00:06:34.760 –> 00:06:40.480
The database there too and they’ve been using it to to train

00:06:40.480 –> 00:06:43.080
their their AI

00:06:43.080 –> 00:06:47.960
Open AI that Microsoft need to train that way and what the issue is here is and like you’re saying well

00:06:47.960 –> 00:06:52.120
They’re just using a train to arrive right? But the problem is now when I type in something

00:06:52.120 –> 00:06:57.880
You get that if you take my specific word or specific phrase you get that the the information

00:06:57.880 –> 00:07:03.080
That’s supposed to be behind a paywall. So it’s actually a copyright infringement issue and

00:07:03.080 –> 00:07:06.520
They’re saying that this could be a big class-action lawsuit

00:07:06.520 –> 00:07:10.680
I think they said the wall. I think they said the Wall Street Journal might be jumping online with this

00:07:10.680 –> 00:07:13.720
and also – they might be I

00:07:13.720 –> 00:07:17.160
Believe in the Wall Street Journal and I think there might be the Washington Post

00:07:17.160 –> 00:07:22.400
But I’m not sure but there’s a couple of them that are gonna jump online with this lawsuit because I mean think about it

00:07:22.400 –> 00:07:26.720
It’s copyright infringement. And then the other problem is – since the AI learned how things are written

00:07:26.720 –> 00:07:29.240
They could write an article

00:07:29.240 –> 00:07:33.000
In the same tone as say the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times

00:07:33.000 –> 00:07:39.200
So it’s it really actually is a big copyright infringement. A lot of people saying how did Microsoft get behind the paywall?

00:07:39.200 –> 00:07:45.400
They probably just they bought a subscription or whatever and that’s how they were using it to to train their AI

00:07:45.400 –> 00:07:48.620
Like I said, I don’t understand who thought this was gonna be a good idea

00:07:48.620 –> 00:07:53.900
And if they thought they weren’t gonna get hit by it, but this is apparently gonna be a big class-action lawsuit

00:07:53.900 –> 00:08:00.680
So Biden – President Biden and the First Lady apparently went on vacation till after the New Year

00:08:00.680 –> 00:08:04.060
I think they went to the Keys or somewhere like that. They went tropical

00:08:04.060 –> 00:08:08.120
But apparently they are going to be away till after the New Year’s

00:08:08.120 –> 00:08:11.600
kind of surprised there was a lot of news this week only because

00:08:12.480 –> 00:08:20.440
Usually this time of year is rather quiet for the news in general, but it’s been it’s been pretty busy with with news this week

00:08:20.440 –> 00:08:26.280
I’m kind of surprised especially see the president’s away and all that kind of stuff. But before I guess he went away he authorized a

00:08:26.280 –> 00:08:30.720
Strike US military carried out an airstrike on three facilities

00:08:30.720 –> 00:08:33.420
used by Iraq

00:08:33.420 –> 00:08:37.800
Because the Monday the Monday night at Monday night, I guess the night of Christmas

00:08:38.260 –> 00:08:43.300
They attacked our base three troops got hurt ones in critical condition

00:08:43.300 –> 00:08:48.020
so he went ahead and attacked, you know the

00:08:48.020 –> 00:08:51.940
Kind of retaliated back which I think he should it’s important

00:08:51.940 –> 00:08:54.720
The reason why I say that is because you know

00:08:54.720 –> 00:08:59.420
They’re not I mean, we’re supposed to be over there kind of keeping the peace and when they attack a military base

00:08:59.420 –> 00:09:02.120
He does have to show

00:09:02.120 –> 00:09:03.820
strength especially

00:09:03.820 –> 00:09:07.620
You’re dealing with the Middle East which I mean they only understand force

00:09:07.620 –> 00:09:10.980
I mean, I hate to say that but they really do and so that’s why he did that

00:09:10.980 –> 00:09:15.900
But like I said, I you know and I expect that from from the president, you know

00:09:15.900 –> 00:09:22.200
He does come from a military family Bo his one son was a very decorated military person

00:09:22.200 –> 00:09:28.140
So I would expect him to be very military oriented. I did not I don’t think I didn’t care for that

00:09:28.140 –> 00:09:32.240
I just felt like Obama didn’t I mean, oh he respected our women women

00:09:32.240 –> 00:09:36.420
But I just never felt like he understood it like Biden does or anything like that

00:09:37.000 –> 00:09:39.480
And that just thing is it’s just the way I feel I mean I could be wrong

00:09:39.480 –> 00:09:43.980
But that’s just the way I felt about it. He’d had nobody in the military that served and some of that so he didn’t

00:09:43.980 –> 00:09:49.600
Get it’s a little bit more you get a little more when you have somebody that’s in the service or you are in the service yourself

00:09:49.600 –> 00:09:53.920
Over in Israel, by the way, they’re speaking of military men

00:09:53.920 –> 00:10:01.200
They have people over there that are dying getting really sick from a super bug that they’re having they give guys into by IV

00:10:01.200 –> 00:10:05.900
Antibiotics and stuff like that. They’ve actually had a couple Israeli soldiers die of it

00:10:06.900 –> 00:10:10.680
Over there. It’s from contaminated Gaza soil

00:10:10.680 –> 00:10:16.540
So like I said, they’ve had issues with that and they’re actually said they have had multiple cases

00:10:16.540 –> 00:10:19.540
But they have to either people have gotten really sick and died from it

00:10:19.540 –> 00:10:22.660
Like I said, it’s all from that Gaza ground soil

00:10:22.660 –> 00:10:29.600
Which is contaminated with sewage and other pollutants following months of the bombardments by the Israel forces

00:10:29.600 –> 00:10:35.300
But now, you know, the guys are getting sick dying of you know, the stomach bug or resistant bug

00:10:35.300 –> 00:10:39.860
I know they said they you know, they’re treating people with you know, with IV fluids and stuff like that

00:10:39.860 –> 00:10:44.340
But then you know, it’s tough enough being over there being a soldier and now you gotta you know

00:10:44.340 –> 00:10:49.460
You’re in the battle, you know, you’re in the line of fire and now you got to deal with something like this on top of it

00:10:49.460 –> 00:10:55.360
It’s just unbelievable. This is kind of something to I want to point out that kind of happened over in Vietnam

00:10:55.360 –> 00:10:57.360
you’d have a lot of our guys that

00:10:57.360 –> 00:11:01.240
were not that were actually like they would get you know hit with a

00:11:01.780 –> 00:11:08.700
You know landmine or a shell and not that itself doesn’t kill you even use a limb which I mean, it’s horrible

00:11:08.700 –> 00:11:15.640
Yes, but doesn’t kill you but the infection would get would kill you because they would you know cover that stuff with they would

00:11:15.640 –> 00:11:20.800
cover the landmines with feces and stuff like that so when it blew up it would get in the wound and

00:11:20.800 –> 00:11:22.660
You get such an infection

00:11:22.660 –> 00:11:27.940
They would do that even too at the pits where you’d fall in the pits and it would only maim you but you they would

00:11:27.940 –> 00:11:33.780
Use feces and some of that you’d get cuts and stuff that would just get nasty infections and things like that

00:11:33.780 –> 00:11:36.720
So it’s just it’s one of those things where sometimes

00:11:36.720 –> 00:11:43.140
things maybe the the explosion or the trap doesn’t kill you then but you know, it maims you or

00:11:43.140 –> 00:11:49.660
Wounds you or whatever and and that leads to you know, what does kill you? So it’s

00:11:49.660 –> 00:11:52.800
That’s not a new war tactic, but it’s definitely

00:11:53.860 –> 00:11:59.060
Tramola that poisons the soil they’re dealing with and who knows what else is in the soil over there

00:11:59.060 –> 00:12:01.980
By the way – I want to point out that

00:12:01.980 –> 00:12:04.860
the Michigan Supreme Court

00:12:04.860 –> 00:12:08.780
Rejected by the way the insurrection ban for Trump

00:12:08.780 –> 00:12:14.700
Well did I think it was Michigan did it and I think there’s I think all the ones that that actually did it

00:12:14.700 –> 00:12:17.340
Are bad or they got thrown out?

00:12:17.340 –> 00:12:20.100
I know that they’re just just before we started the podcast

00:12:20.620 –> 00:12:25.860
There was news that Maine was gonna try to get him off the ballot. They’re trying that now in Maine

00:12:25.860 –> 00:12:29.160
We’ll have to wait and see how that one we won’t hear pretty much about that till the end of the day or

00:12:29.160 –> 00:12:34.740
Possibly next week, but or next year, I guess actually because Monday the course won’t be open

00:12:34.740 –> 00:12:37.300
So like I said that was in the news

00:12:37.300 –> 00:12:37.700
like I said

00:12:37.700 –> 00:12:43.740
The whole week was all these different states thinking about trying to get him off the ballot and apparently that didn’t didn’t work out

00:12:43.740 –> 00:12:44.500
well for all of them

00:12:44.500 –> 00:12:49.380
So now they’re I’m going to probably find something something else or some other way to get him off the ballot

00:12:49.380 –> 00:12:51.380
They’re saying that the insurrection

00:12:51.380 –> 00:12:58.900
What the fort with that amendment the what they’re saying is because the insurrection but the problem is with that is one

00:12:58.900 –> 00:13:02.700
He hasn’t been accused or convicted. He’s been accused. He hasn’t been convicted of it

00:13:02.700 –> 00:13:05.220
and the 14th amendment says that

00:13:05.220 –> 00:13:11.980
Nobody that was involved in a mutiny or any kind of coup or anything like that can be president

00:13:11.980 –> 00:13:15.740
the issue with that being one he’s not convicted and

00:13:16.620 –> 00:13:24.180
Two the other problem with that is is that was basically that amendment was designed for anybody that did through like the Revolutionary War

00:13:24.180 –> 00:13:28.100
To the Civil War they couldn’t go ahead and be president

00:13:28.100 –> 00:13:35.580
Like I said, he has not been convicted yet. So I I don’t that doesn’t work as far as I’m concerned and I’m not believe me

00:13:35.580 –> 00:13:37.700
I’m not one that’s saying okay. He should be president

00:13:37.700 –> 00:13:41.820
I’m not saying that what I am saying is you are innocent in this country until proven guilty

00:13:41.820 –> 00:13:47.420
He has not been found convicted yet of it. And I think that to me is kind of the problem with that is you’re saying

00:13:47.420 –> 00:13:54.620
Okay, well, it’s grounds on this amendment. Well, okay. I agree with that if he gets convicted then yes that that should stand but

00:13:54.620 –> 00:13:59.340
He has no he has not been convicted of the insurrection

00:13:59.340 –> 00:14:04.780
so I mean that really doesn’t stand up as legally it really doesn’t stand up so

00:14:04.780 –> 00:14:08.460
Like I said, I kind of I kind of agree with it

00:14:09.260 –> 00:14:14.460
Just because again you’re innocent until proven guilty. So that’s kind of my issue with it

00:14:14.460 –> 00:14:22.760
Let’s see Donald Trump jr. I guess they said put it. Well, he was actually on rumble today doing a show but Donald Trump jr

00:14:22.760 –> 00:14:28.060
Put his dad on notice over Nikki Haley. I guess he wants hurt

00:14:28.060 –> 00:14:32.980
He wants his he wants his dad to pick a female VP so they can get more female votes

00:14:32.980 –> 00:14:37.080
I’d actually think that’s a good idea on the father’s part personally

00:14:37.080 –> 00:14:39.620
I think that if his father does run again, that would be a

00:14:39.620 –> 00:14:43.160
good a good choice as far as that she’s got a lot of support and

00:14:43.160 –> 00:14:48.220
Have a woman on the ballot against Biden who has a who has a caress on his side

00:14:48.220 –> 00:14:52.740
So I think that would definitely be definitely be a good pick

00:14:52.740 –> 00:14:57.980
also to speaking of the Trump family a lot of people pointed out that

00:14:57.980 –> 00:15:05.420
The the wife the Molina the first lady when she was the first lady former first lady, excuse me

00:15:05.980 –> 00:15:07.980
Was not in the picture

00:15:07.980 –> 00:15:14.920
For the family photo at Mira Lago the other son. Well, I believe Baron was the her son, but she wasn’t there

00:15:14.920 –> 00:15:16.920
I’m wondering if maybe he just had him for the

00:15:16.920 –> 00:15:21.560
The you know the holiday weekend or whatever like that. I can see Baron was in the photo

00:15:21.560 –> 00:15:23.760
and so is the rest of the Trump family, but not

00:15:23.760 –> 00:15:27.920
Not Molina the former first lady and then they might not be together

00:15:27.920 –> 00:15:33.020
I know she I think she still stays at the penthouse in New York. I think she was happy being a trophy wife

00:15:33.020 –> 00:15:37.180
I don’t think she wanted to get into politics, but I think since he ran she kind of had no choice

00:15:37.180 –> 00:15:39.180
And I’m wondering if that drove the wedge

00:15:39.180 –> 00:15:45.020
You know into it, so we’ll have to like I said, I don’t know there hasn’t been there’s been speculation about that for a while

00:15:45.020 –> 00:15:46.960
I mean it is their private life

00:15:46.960 –> 00:15:52.060
I think the president former president should be able to have any any president should be able to have the right to

00:15:52.060 –> 00:15:56.980
you know have a little bit of a personal especially something that serious going on, but

00:15:56.980 –> 00:15:59.660
like I said that was

00:16:00.180 –> 00:16:05.060
Noticed that she was not in the in the photo with them so

00:16:05.060 –> 00:16:13.220
By the way choose something I wanted to point out that I found out in it’s amazing that these things happen no matter

00:16:13.220 –> 00:16:20.320
Kind of where you are, but apparently there’s a far-right extremist group over in Germany

00:16:20.320 –> 00:16:24.740
And one of the things that they’ve been doing is they’ve been buying up rural land

00:16:24.740 –> 00:16:30.100
This extremist group and they want to start their own little country inside of Germany

00:16:30.100 –> 00:16:32.100
This is actually

00:16:32.100 –> 00:16:39.980
Authorities are checking into the same members of this far-right movement who rejected the post 1945 Germany

00:16:39.980 –> 00:16:45.140
State are making a target effort to establish large parcels of land

00:16:45.140 –> 00:16:47.860
so they can offer

00:16:47.860 –> 00:16:51.340
Exist they can offer schools clubs public offerings

00:16:51.340 –> 00:16:55.100
They are looking into possibly starting their own little

00:16:55.100 –> 00:16:58.380
their own little kind of I

00:16:59.060 –> 00:17:04.140
Don’t know what you’d call it little congregation or whatever like that. Maybe that’s not the right word to use but

00:17:04.140 –> 00:17:09.120
Like I said, they’ve been it was in the news this week. I thought of some practice really interesting story

00:17:09.120 –> 00:17:17.060
Just because I guess Germany is is not happy about this and Germany’s got a pretty rough history with leaders

00:17:17.060 –> 00:17:21.660
We all know about you know about that, but they’re actually looking into starting their own

00:17:21.660 –> 00:17:24.540
kind of

00:17:24.540 –> 00:17:30.020
There I don’t say a colony but their own like kind of their own little property inside, you know

00:17:30.020 –> 00:17:35.260
Inside of Germany their own little country. I guess you could say your own little whatever you want to call it

00:17:35.260 –> 00:17:40.280
But yeah, it’s I saw that apparently Germany’s really looking into this because they’re afraid it could be something else

00:17:40.280 –> 00:17:42.500
I mean, like I said, we know Germany’s had issues over the years with

00:17:42.500 –> 00:17:50.820
You know leaders, so they’re definitely checking into this. So this next story I found and I guess me because I have daughters

00:17:50.820 –> 00:17:53.840
maybe this kind of resonated with me, but

00:17:54.480 –> 00:17:59.580
Apparently there’s a First Amendment claim that was struck down in for the project

00:17:59.580 –> 00:18:05.280
Veritas case focusing on a diary of Biden’s daughter

00:18:05.280 –> 00:18:11.820
Apparently criminal prosecutors may soon get to see six documents paying to the

00:18:11.820 –> 00:18:17.760
alleged theft of a diary belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter after a judge rejected the

00:18:17.760 –> 00:18:20.640
controversial group project Veritas First Amendment claim

00:18:21.480 –> 00:18:27.320
So those of you guys that don’t know what these get project Veritas Veritas was founded in like 2010

00:18:27.320 –> 00:18:30.680
they identify themselves like a news organization, but

00:18:30.680 –> 00:18:33.540
They basically do sting operations

00:18:33.540 –> 00:18:37.560
They embarrass news outlets

00:18:37.560 –> 00:18:41.160
different organizations Democrats stuff like that and

00:18:41.160 –> 00:18:42.600
and basically

00:18:42.600 –> 00:18:48.600
They got a hold of this diary and they want to you they want to basically use it and and all that kind of stuff

00:18:48.600 –> 00:18:50.600
And I guess the diary

00:18:51.440 –> 00:18:58.080
Was written basically was something that Joe Biden’s daughter had and apparently they want to they want to use it and

00:18:58.080 –> 00:19:01.960
they want to make a story out of it and they want to

00:19:01.960 –> 00:19:04.680
Saying they said on social media

00:19:04.680 –> 00:19:07.720
they spent a lot of money trying to get this diary and

00:19:07.720 –> 00:19:13.240
They want to be able to release it out to the world or possibly use it to impeach Biden

00:19:13.240 –> 00:19:16.120
This is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard

00:19:16.120 –> 00:19:21.520
I mean, it’s one thing of being the hunter Biden’s laptop is one thing but I mean

00:19:21.520 –> 00:19:27.360
This is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, I mean the thing is it’s probably gonna be embarrassing stuff in there

00:19:27.360 –> 00:19:31.320
I mean, you know, you know kids I mean young young kids

00:19:31.320 –> 00:19:36.080
I mean, she’s not young I guess but still either way it’s a diary of her thoughts and all that kind of stuff. I mean

00:19:36.080 –> 00:19:39.520
That’s just I mean, I I just I understand that

00:19:39.520 –> 00:19:42.260
You know, I understand what they’re trying to do

00:19:42.260 –> 00:19:47.720
It’s mudslinging but I just or they want to try to read through and see if she has any personal information that could lead to

00:19:47.720 –> 00:19:52.540
Biden’s impeachment. I don’t know. Anyway, I think it’s kind of a little bit crazy personally

00:19:52.540 –> 00:19:57.100
And I think now they’re just they’re just kind of reaching a little bit of personally

00:19:57.100 –> 00:20:00.260
I think it’s again a lot of taxpayer money wasted just to try to

00:20:00.260 –> 00:20:06.520
Mudsling if you know what I’m trying to say good news for you guys that are in the stock market. Apparently the

00:20:06.520 –> 00:20:09.580
The Dow Jones posted a record close

00:20:10.220 –> 00:20:15.280
It’s one of the highest it’s actually one of the highest futures. It’s actually seen

00:20:15.280 –> 00:20:18.580
You know in quite some time

00:20:18.580 –> 00:20:21.260
I guess a lot of it’s because that interest rate thing

00:20:21.260 –> 00:20:26.340
That’s I think that that sparked a lot of confidence in the market since they’re not going to be raising interest rates or anything like that

00:20:26.340 –> 00:20:29.160
So I think that’s a huge part of it anyway

00:20:29.160 –> 00:20:31.720
but like I said also –

00:20:31.720 –> 00:20:35.520
It is that time of year where you know companies do see especially

00:20:36.400 –> 00:20:40.660
Retailers see a surge just from the Christmas sales and stuff like that

00:20:40.660 –> 00:20:46.300
Like you’re definitely gonna see people like Apple and stuff like that posting really good quarters after the holiday season

00:20:46.300 –> 00:20:52.620
I think you know, it’s just one of those times of things. So Russia and Iran have decided to trade in their own

00:20:52.620 –> 00:20:56.180
Currencies rather than the US dollar

00:20:56.180 –> 00:20:58.860
Apparently just finalized an agreement

00:20:58.860 –> 00:21:04.560
The agreement like would allow like I said both both banks and the economic actors

00:21:04.560 –> 00:21:07.400
It says can now use infrastructure

00:21:07.400 –> 00:21:10.780
to trade in local currencies

00:21:10.780 –> 00:21:16.880
Apparently, I think they want to do this because I Iran has become increasingly important to

00:21:16.880 –> 00:21:26.660
Western Moscow Ukraine limited Russia foreign trade routes. Yeah, there’s a lot of this I think is because of the whole thing with Ukraine and the

00:21:26.660 –> 00:21:33.400
The embargoes and stuff like that. It makes it easier from the trade in their own thing rather than trade in the US dollar

00:21:33.780 –> 00:21:38.500
Well, but I guess that it was interesting to me that they decided that they made an announcement about this that they’re actually gonna be

00:21:38.500 –> 00:21:40.500
trading in their local currencies

00:21:40.500 –> 00:21:44.900
Versus the US dollars. I like a lot of this is still the embargoes and stuff like that. I

00:21:44.900 –> 00:21:49.940
know Russia said they need they want they needed I think fighter jets and

00:21:49.940 –> 00:21:55.800
Helicopters all that kind of stuff. They’re still fighting this, you know whole thing

00:21:55.800 –> 00:22:00.120
Israel authorities have said military corporate with Russia to expand

00:22:00.760 –> 00:22:06.680
Iran to do November it had finalized agreements for Russia. Oh, no Russia is gonna be providing fighter jets

00:22:06.680 –> 00:22:13.300
MI 28 and all that so they’re oh, this is all for military equipment that makes sense then but yeah

00:22:13.300 –> 00:22:16.140
Apparently they’re gonna be trading use their own currency at the US dollar

00:22:16.140 –> 00:22:20.360
A lot of this is because the embargoes and stuff like that that are still going on

00:22:20.360 –> 00:22:26.280
And the tariffs and all this stuff that Russia is still dealing with and they still want to be able to trade they soon

00:22:26.280 –> 00:22:30.080
You know, especially with Iran Iran needs stuff. They’re gonna keep fighting this war

00:22:30.080 –> 00:22:33.040
So they got to get it from somebody. I don’t think we’re gonna give it to them. So

00:22:33.040 –> 00:22:36.820
They have to keep doing that. So that was in the news as well

00:22:36.820 –> 00:22:39.580
And I’m not sure if that and again

00:22:39.580 –> 00:22:44.300
But surprised me is after news about any usually type of news about currency or anything like that

00:22:44.300 –> 00:22:49.980
Usually you see a stock market take a dip, but it actually did it actually stayed up pretty well

00:22:49.980 –> 00:22:53.100
So that was a little bit a little bit shocking to me

00:22:53.100 –> 00:22:59.480
Tiktok, there’s been a lot of people reporting that tick tock is asking for people’s iPhone passwords

00:22:59.480 –> 00:23:01.480
a lot of this they’re saying is because

00:23:01.480 –> 00:23:05.420
Tiktok is getting pressure to check on

00:23:05.420 –> 00:23:10.060
Journalists and things like that and a lot of people just saying just don’t put in your password

00:23:10.060 –> 00:23:14.280
You should never put your iPhone password into any place besides your iPhone

00:23:14.280 –> 00:23:20.860
Not into the app not in not in any apps or anything like that. That’s actually a huge security risk

00:23:20.860 –> 00:23:26.660
Like I said, I mean most people especially if you’re using an iPhone you should have two-factor authentication set up

00:23:26.940 –> 00:23:30.660
That’s another big one that I tell everybody always have two-factor on your devices

00:23:30.660 –> 00:23:36.900
The but like I said tiktok is actually like asking people to put their passwords in could be a scam

00:23:36.900 –> 00:23:41.200
Might not just be ticked. I could be a scam the vest getting into it now

00:23:41.200 –> 00:23:45.140
But you should not be putting your password or giving your password to anybody

00:23:45.140 –> 00:23:51.820
Like I said on your iPhone and they have you it’s it’s one of those things and I think a lot of it is if you

00:23:51.820 –> 00:23:56.620
Are somebody that needs to send I will point this out and I see a lot of this and I pointed this out

00:23:56.620 –> 00:24:01.500
There’s a couple companies out there that make good money helping come helping out people like this

00:24:01.500 –> 00:24:06.180
but if you are somebody that needs to transfer stuff securely if you’re a journalist or

00:24:06.180 –> 00:24:10.620
If you’re somebody that has trade secrets something that you need to send

00:24:10.620 –> 00:24:13.860
Reach out to somebody with you should use something like signal

00:24:13.860 –> 00:24:22.020
Or I message stuff like that never send anything through Facebook never send anything through tick-tock. They’re not secured. They’re not

00:24:23.300 –> 00:24:27.840
Really designed for that anybody at one of those places can read that stuff

00:24:27.840 –> 00:24:32.520
Those things are not encrypted any messages you send need to be sent end to end

00:24:32.520 –> 00:24:37.460
That’s why you need to use something like signal or you need to use something like I message

00:24:37.460 –> 00:24:41.200
I know signal is I want to bring that up because signal is actually a tough

00:24:41.200 –> 00:24:50.140
Thing signal is trying to raise money. They’re a nonprofit organization and they actually I think it was like 25 million dollars

00:24:50.140 –> 00:24:54.720
They need and you actually or actually keep going for a couple more years

00:24:54.720 –> 00:24:58.260
And I don’t think they’re gonna be able to do it in donations. I

00:24:58.260 –> 00:25:04.560
Know a company like like Mozilla Firefox Mozilla like Firefox. They actually rely on donations, but they also

00:25:04.560 –> 00:25:09.580
Have a partnership with Google and some of the others to keep making an alternative browser

00:25:09.580 –> 00:25:14.200
So that’s kind of a keep keeping them around signal is a great service. They’re all about

00:25:14.200 –> 00:25:17.540
Nonprofit we’re not owned by anybody

00:25:18.420 –> 00:25:24.740
Our main goal is to keep your stuff safe and I really do like signal. It’s a great service. I hope it doesn’t go anywhere

00:25:24.740 –> 00:25:27.420
I hope they come up with a way to get the runway for the money

00:25:27.420 –> 00:25:33.020
But I will say this that’s gonna be a very very tough thing for them to come up with that much money

00:25:33.020 –> 00:25:36.940
To keep going especially on a company like signal

00:25:36.940 –> 00:25:41.140
I know a lot of people they use signal because it is secure, but they’re not going to do not willing to pay for it

00:25:41.140 –> 00:25:44.140
It’s just like that whole thing with public radio

00:25:44.140 –> 00:25:48.840
If you guys remember that what they say like like everybody listens to public radio like 2% of people pay for it

00:25:48.840 –> 00:25:54.780
It’s kind of the same situation a lot of people that you signal use it because it’s secure and because they but they’re not willing

00:25:54.780 –> 00:25:59.560
But I know those same people are not gonna say oh, well, maybe I should pay for it and donate to it

00:25:59.560 –> 00:26:04.460
Probably like journalists and stuff like that that rely on it or people maybe that are in

00:26:04.460 –> 00:26:08.400
Jobs security jobs or people that are in you know

00:26:08.400 –> 00:26:14.360
Jobs where security is a big thing like companies might donate to it if they have their employees using it as a free service

00:26:14.360 –> 00:26:18.480
You don’t pay for it. So I’m sure those people and stuff will pay for it, but

00:26:18.480 –> 00:26:24.360
To come up with 25 to come up with 25. I think I said the 25 to 50 million

00:26:24.360 –> 00:26:29.220
To keep it going. I mean, that’s that’s a lot of money

00:26:29.220 –> 00:26:32.640
So I don’t think they’re gonna be able to raise that in donations

00:26:32.640 –> 00:26:38.360
And I do think signals gonna have to find either another way to do there because the problem is server costs

00:26:38.360 –> 00:26:39.400

00:26:39.400 –> 00:26:42.560
they’re either gonna have to find a better way to do that or they’re gonna have to

00:26:42.560 –> 00:26:48.820
Somebody’s gonna have to buy them out. I don’t know but that I just don’t see they’re a great service

00:26:48.820 –> 00:26:53.160
I love signal the most secure messaging out there Snowden used it. I

00:26:53.160 –> 00:27:00.960
Believe Julian Assange was using it for a while. It’s a great service very secure. They’re the guys that invented whatsapp

00:27:00.960 –> 00:27:03.580
So I think it’s a wonderful service

00:27:03.580 –> 00:27:07.280
I think if you do need to send anything securely that is the way to send it

00:27:07.680 –> 00:27:12.420
But I hope they stick around because I just don’t see them coming up with that much money over the next year or two

00:27:12.420 –> 00:27:15.480
Unless they get a major donor or major investor

00:27:15.480 –> 00:27:18.200
We’ll have to see what happened with that

00:27:18.200 –> 00:27:22.600
Speaking I do have a couple questions by the way that you guys sent me I will get to that

00:27:22.600 –> 00:27:27.560
Shortly, but I just want to finish up with the new stuff first because I know somebody had sent me a question about a couple

00:27:27.560 –> 00:27:28.360

00:27:28.360 –> 00:27:30.360
Security wise and I’ll get around to that

00:27:30.360 –> 00:27:34.080
Apparently there is a

00:27:34.120 –> 00:27:38.560
Boebert she’s the Republican rep Lauren Boebert

00:27:38.560 –> 00:27:45.960
Announced you guys seen videos of I played videos or something like that her on the show. She announced Wednesday. She is switching her congressional district

00:27:45.960 –> 00:27:52.360
She apparently she wants to get out of the area. She’s in because she thinks is gonna be Democrat and

00:27:52.360 –> 00:27:56.660
She wants to run in an area. That’s gonna be more Republican based

00:27:56.660 –> 00:28:01.980
So she is going moving from the third district to the fourth district now the fourth district

00:28:03.600 –> 00:28:07.120
Is generally the third district

00:28:07.120 –> 00:28:10.720
Yeah, because third district is more democratic

00:28:10.720 –> 00:28:17.160
I’m sure whether it is more democratic where the fourth district is generally that what they actually call it the Republican stronghold and

00:28:17.160 –> 00:28:23.540
You know, I think she wants to make sure she stays in politics because if she would lose she would you know

00:28:23.540 –> 00:28:28.120
She would you know, she would really be in a kind of a tough situation

00:28:28.120 –> 00:28:31.400
So there she would have to be fee before set of her seat

00:28:31.400 –> 00:28:34.200
And I don’t think she wants to do that. She wants to stay in politics

00:28:34.200 –> 00:28:37.120
Considering she’s you know

00:28:37.120 –> 00:28:42.240
She doesn’t want I mean no, you know, she doesn’t want to lose, you know, she we know she’s a Trumper

00:28:42.240 –> 00:28:47.260
She’s gonna they’re gonna want her to stay in there, especially if he becomes president again. So that’s why

00:28:47.260 –> 00:28:49.880
one thing I did want to say I didn’t know this is

00:28:49.880 –> 00:28:57.880
Is she is actually a 37 year old grandmother and a mother of four sons. She’s like another Sarah Palin

00:28:58.640 –> 00:29:02.080
You know, she made her decision to continue the fight against socialism and

00:29:02.080 –> 00:29:07.240
Communists taking over our country she said and that’s why she wants to stay in

00:29:07.240 –> 00:29:12.040
That’s why she’s moving from a third district to the fourth district because she wants to make sure she stays in she can continue her

00:29:12.040 –> 00:29:14.040
fight a lot of people

00:29:14.040 –> 00:29:16.560
We all know that she’s you know

00:29:16.560 –> 00:29:20.580
You know, she’s very right-wing and I’ve always said that too sometimes, you know

00:29:20.580 –> 00:29:25.160
Being too right is just as bad as being too left. But like I said

00:29:26.160 –> 00:29:30.720
And the other reason why she’s going there is retiring Republican Ken bucks

00:29:30.720 –> 00:29:36.260
Is set to be you know, leaving the end of the I think he’s leaving the end of the term. So

00:29:36.260 –> 00:29:41.560
She wants to get in there and run against like I said, that is more of a Republican stronghold the area she’s in

00:29:41.560 –> 00:29:49.460
You know she won which is good for her but she might not win again that’s very that’s very Republican

00:29:49.460 –> 00:29:52.640
they’re saying so she wants to continue her fight she’s saying and

00:29:53.440 –> 00:29:58.020
You know sheep she’s moving to that Republican stronghold there plus two if she goes there too

00:29:58.020 –> 00:30:03.320
That’ll keep the protect the thing she’s going to is a lot. There’s a lot of votes there

00:30:03.320 –> 00:30:07.260
So she’s moving to a different district to try to protect the Republican vote there as well

00:30:07.260 –> 00:30:09.960
So that was in the news

00:30:09.960 –> 00:30:12.680
Footage of Russia

00:30:12.680 –> 00:30:14.680

00:30:14.680 –> 00:30:18.240
Ukrainian soldiers on their knees has been spreading around the thing. I think it’s a shame. I

00:30:18.240 –> 00:30:21.600
Really hate to to see any of that

00:30:22.640 –> 00:30:27.640
But you know, it’s it’s and they’re actually executing people right it right out

00:30:27.640 –> 00:30:33.320
Putting people on knees and executing them like war style stuff very Middle East style stuff

00:30:33.320 –> 00:30:35.920
really brutal

00:30:35.920 –> 00:30:41.480
And I know for a fact that Ukraine has actually said that they’re they’re calling for

00:30:41.480 –> 00:30:45.440
They for another they need more soldiers. They’re actually saying they’re they’re

00:30:45.440 –> 00:30:50.440
Ukraine governor calls for 40 million citizens to fight

00:30:50.440 –> 00:30:55.800
I guess they near what they’re there a lot of people in Ukraine are much older and

00:30:55.800 –> 00:30:59.200
They’re actually saying they

00:30:59.200 –> 00:31:03.120
Right now they have five hundred thousand people

00:31:03.120 –> 00:31:09.000
Fighting and the Ukraine says they need at least two million more volunteers

00:31:09.000 –> 00:31:13.320
They guess they said to be able to continue the fight

00:31:13.320 –> 00:31:17.820
the entire pop countries entire population of 40 million

00:31:18.880 –> 00:31:22.780
You know would be you know, that’s what he said a population

00:31:22.780 –> 00:31:26.460
We have a population of 40 million and we need everybody to fight

00:31:26.460 –> 00:31:29.960
But we need at least 2 million more volunteers

00:31:29.960 –> 00:31:33.080
Zelensky’s proposal

00:31:33.080 –> 00:31:38.560
To mobilize people to so he’s saying that

00:31:38.560 –> 00:31:44.840
There they would need to mobilize they’re going to need more ammunition more more human resources

00:31:45.840 –> 00:31:51.880
Like I said, they’re basically I mean this fight this is going on for what almost gonna be almost two years coming up soon

00:31:51.880 –> 00:31:54.680
like I said, I mean they have been

00:31:54.680 –> 00:32:00.700
Kind of holding their own over there, but apparently Ukraine needs more soldiers. I know for a fact that

00:32:00.700 –> 00:32:05.840
they have already made the thing over in Russia saying that they need more people to have more babies because

00:32:05.840 –> 00:32:11.160
They’re they’re saying there’s gonna be a serious issue with population with the amount of people they’ve lost

00:32:11.560 –> 00:32:15.920
And Ukraine is going through the same thing Ukrainian Ukraine also has a much older population

00:32:15.920 –> 00:32:20.280
So if they would they want to basically bump the summons age up to 27

00:32:20.280 –> 00:32:25.360
So but kind of like raise the age of the draft or whatever. I don’t like we would do here, but

00:32:25.360 –> 00:32:28.240
that’s what they’re actually looking to do and that I

00:32:28.240 –> 00:32:33.880
You know, it’s tough too because there are people in that especially in Ukraine are older

00:32:33.880 –> 00:32:39.440
That’s just one of its it’s not a big country. So they’re not like you America 300 some odd million people

00:32:39.560 –> 00:32:44.940
Yeah, and mean Russia’s million how many you know hundred how pay a hundred I forget the population there

00:32:44.940 –> 00:32:48.060
But I’m sure they have a hundred million people there China has put billions

00:32:48.060 –> 00:32:50.760
So it’s a little bit difficult when you’re a small country

00:32:50.760 –> 00:32:56.520
So they are going to like I said, they’re gonna need they’re definitely gonna need more people

00:32:56.520 –> 00:33:01.800
So they’re looking at possibly raising the draft age 27, so they’ll get more people older people

00:33:01.800 –> 00:33:06.960
And basically when they think about doing this what they do is they look at the population of people and say, okay

00:33:07.100 –> 00:33:12.960
How can we possibly get as many soldiers as we possibly can and they’re gonna look at the ages and say oh this

00:33:12.960 –> 00:33:16.540
This is where the majority of our age range is. Let’s do that. So

00:33:16.540 –> 00:33:19.120
that’s what they’re trying to do and

00:33:19.120 –> 00:33:21.760
They’re gonna have to I mean that they’ve been fighting for

00:33:21.760 –> 00:33:26.500
I mean, like I said, it’s been going on a while now and they’re still going there’s no end in sight at the moment. So

00:33:26.500 –> 00:33:30.440
We’ll have to see what happens. I’m wondering if Putin is just

00:33:30.440 –> 00:33:33.720
You know, he’s losing a lot of people but I’m wondering is that it is well

00:33:33.720 –> 00:33:35.780
We’ll just keep going and eventually will outlast them

00:33:36.760 –> 00:33:41.960
Like I said, I know that’s a horrible thing to say but that’s sometimes the way it is in war

00:33:41.960 –> 00:33:44.660
Sometimes you don’t win you just outlast them

00:33:44.660 –> 00:33:47.620
So other things as well

00:33:47.620 –> 00:33:55.980
That I found interesting. They’re actually saying that gas prices are on track to fall further in 2020

00:33:55.980 –> 00:33:57.580
the fall further

00:33:57.580 –> 00:34:03.520
In 2024 the scene could we go down to three dollars and 13 cents, which isn’t that far off from where it is

00:34:03.520 –> 00:34:06.260
now but

00:34:06.420 –> 00:34:09.640
They’re actually saying that it could hit three dollars a gallon again

00:34:09.640 –> 00:34:13.880
The sad part is that’s not really low as far as I’m concerned

00:34:13.880 –> 00:34:16.460
They’re saying

00:34:16.460 –> 00:34:18.620
They are looking at possibly

00:34:18.620 –> 00:34:24.380
With the way things are going Texas and Mississippi could have as low as 267 268

00:34:24.380 –> 00:34:27.420
They’re saying that places

00:34:27.420 –> 00:34:31.020
California has the highest ones at 468 465

00:34:33.620 –> 00:34:36.620
It looks like could go down the same at three dollars a gallon

00:34:36.620 –> 00:34:41.300
It still really isn’t low and it hasn’t come down. So it’s just the war started

00:34:41.300 –> 00:34:44.920
It’s not and I don’t think with that war going on overseas. It’s ever gonna really go down now

00:34:44.920 –> 00:34:46.920
It’s gonna be state. It’s gonna stay up there for a while

00:34:46.920 –> 00:34:50.140
And you know as soon as that started they immediately

00:34:50.140 –> 00:34:52.340

00:34:52.340 –> 00:34:59.100
Start to started raising the prices. So I mean it as long as there is two wars going on the prices

00:34:59.100 –> 00:35:01.380
I’d be surprised the prices go down. I mean oils what?

00:35:02.140 –> 00:35:05.220
170 some odd or 80 some odd dollars a barrel now

00:35:05.220 –> 00:35:07.220
It’s pushing close to 70

00:35:07.220 –> 00:35:11.060
I mean it’s just coming down and as the cost of the barrels come down the price of the pump goes down

00:35:11.060 –> 00:35:15.720
But I have noticed that it takes a while for the price to go down for the price of the pump

00:35:15.720 –> 00:35:22.260
You know the prices go up, you know quarter, you know 50 cents and then come down a few cents go up again

00:35:22.260 –> 00:35:22.820
Come down, you know

00:35:22.820 –> 00:35:26.860
It goes up so fast but comes down so slow and if you watch the stock market

00:35:27.300 –> 00:35:34.460
Oils been coming down price per barrel and it doesn’t look like it’s going to I mean it is coming down and down and down

00:35:34.460 –> 00:35:39.280
And down but the price of the pump is taking quite a while because what they’re doing there they’re saying, okay

00:35:39.280 –> 00:35:43.220
well, we got well, let’s wait a little bit see where the oil goes before we bring the price way down and

00:35:43.220 –> 00:35:46.040
Like I said, I doubt we’ll ever see

00:35:46.040 –> 00:35:51.160
as long as especially as long as there’s two wars going on I doubt we’ll ever see like 250 a gallon again, but

00:35:51.160 –> 00:35:56.540
One of the things too. I wanted to bring up somebody. It’s that we had a bunch of questions

00:35:56.540 –> 00:36:01.860
I got a bunch of questions and I love all the questions guys tweet me at KB 3 why you a on Twitter

00:36:01.860 –> 00:36:07.380
That’s my Twitter handle send your questions there and I’ll read and I’ll get to them on air

00:36:07.380 –> 00:36:13.220
But some interesting thing somebody had asked me about the permeates said about mass shooting contagion

00:36:13.220 –> 00:36:17.140
they had asked if I ever heard of something like that they had heard about it recently and

00:36:17.140 –> 00:36:21.220
Basically, what what that is is that is basically?

00:36:22.420 –> 00:36:28.120
Anytime where there’s a shooting and how the you know the news and all that glorifies it I hate to use the word glorify

00:36:28.120 –> 00:36:30.920
But that’s the only word I can think of to describe it

00:36:30.920 –> 00:36:37.000
But basically what it is is is but you know the the news cover stuff and basically what mass?

00:36:37.000 –> 00:36:43.700
Shooting contagion is it’s a theory or study that the more you cover something in the media

00:36:43.700 –> 00:36:46.500
The more potential you have for it to happen

00:36:47.580 –> 00:36:53.400
We used to call them copycats now, you know back in the you know back in the day I guess you could say

00:36:53.400 –> 00:36:57.020
But now they call it can take they’re calling it. They have a word for told mass

00:36:57.020 –> 00:37:00.140
Shooting contagion. They said the Columbine shooting

00:37:00.140 –> 00:37:04.220
because it was given so much coverage led to

00:37:04.220 –> 00:37:11.100
More of the issue and that they’re basically they’re saying is the more that we people cover these shootings and more the news cover these shootings

00:37:11.100 –> 00:37:13.460
The more that they will happen

00:37:14.300 –> 00:37:17.700
It’s a theory that I actually read about somebody had sent this to me

00:37:17.700 –> 00:37:20.820
I thought it was actually interesting you find it up on WikiLeaks if you’re

00:37:20.820 –> 00:37:22.820

00:37:22.820 –> 00:37:25.340
And actually talks about how the mass media

00:37:25.340 –> 00:37:28.960
their coverage of large events like this

00:37:28.960 –> 00:37:33.940
The more they cover them the more they happen as a theory that somebody has come up with

00:37:33.940 –> 00:37:37.240
It’s the same reason why when you listen to like shows like Megyn Kelly

00:37:37.240 –> 00:37:41.700
She does not she will not mention the name of any

00:37:42.420 –> 00:37:48.340
Mass shooter and a lot of people say well she doesn’t you know, it has to do with it. You don’t give them

00:37:48.340 –> 00:37:53.740
The the publicity and some of that be it’s part of this whole theory that the more

00:37:53.740 –> 00:37:57.940
Coverage and the more you you talk about these things are more of a chance for it to happen

00:37:57.940 –> 00:38:03.900
The more you talk about them the more you glorify them the more people do it because they want to be glorified

00:38:03.900 –> 00:38:07.320
It’s a whole big thing, but somebody had actually sent me this and I wanted to read it

00:38:07.320 –> 00:38:10.340
Actually, like I said on I don’t read the whole thing on the air

00:38:10.340 –> 00:38:16.180
But somebody had sent this to me actually is a pretty interesting theory like she’s you go up on Wikipedia and read it

00:38:16.180 –> 00:38:19.460
I don’t want to read it on there. It’s a big pretty blog thing, but it’s actually

00:38:19.460 –> 00:38:24.420
Kind of interesting and actually does make a lot of sense from the human psyche

00:38:24.420 –> 00:38:31.740
Standpoint also to somebody had sent me a tweet asking about they said I know you

00:38:31.740 –> 00:38:34.760
big background secure background security

00:38:34.760 –> 00:38:40.280
What do you recommend for storage HIPAA compliance? I know it was a thing

00:38:40.640 –> 00:38:44.020
So one of the things I wanted to talk about this this is an interesting question. So

00:38:44.020 –> 00:38:52.140
There when when stuff is being sent up to the internet or to the cloud it has to be sent up security

00:38:52.140 –> 00:38:54.800
It’s and and encryption but once the data is up there

00:38:54.800 –> 00:39:02.080
When the data what they call us at rest what we call it in the security industry who can actually see it and

00:39:02.080 –> 00:39:04.820
and that’s something that is really interesting because

00:39:05.480 –> 00:39:11.080
I know a lot of people that have actually said why use Gmail tip of compliant and I’ve come at new it’s not

00:39:11.080 –> 00:39:20.280
The if you’re using a regular at account that is not actually HIPAA compliant if you have the paid version of

00:39:20.280 –> 00:39:23.840
Google of Google their Google Workspace

00:39:23.840 –> 00:39:31.300
That is HIPAA compliant, but an actual Gmail account is not HIPAA compliant. They are allowed to search the documents

00:39:31.300 –> 00:39:33.800
They are allowed to look at the data minutes at rest

00:39:34.520 –> 00:39:37.760
All that kind of stuff the same thing goes for like Dropbox

00:39:37.760 –> 00:39:40.440
I have a lot of people say why use Dropbox because it’s HIPAA compliant

00:39:40.440 –> 00:39:45.600
No, it’s not a regular at Dropbox account. A free one is not HIPAA compliant the

00:39:45.600 –> 00:39:49.760
Business version is HIPAA compliant, but the one you actually pay for

00:39:49.760 –> 00:39:52.560
the consumer version

00:39:52.560 –> 00:39:54.240
is not

00:39:54.240 –> 00:39:59.720
Only the business version HIPAA compliant also to even even if they are HIPAA compliant

00:39:59.720 –> 00:40:03.060
That doesn’t mean that when the data is at rest people can’t see it

00:40:03.740 –> 00:40:08.680
Google has been they the only ones that are truly

00:40:08.680 –> 00:40:15.280
Completely encrypted where even the people that run the service can’t see it are mega dot NZ

00:40:15.280 –> 00:40:22.840
There’s also another one called spider oak. That’s one where the data that’s stored up there. Even the service provider can’t see

00:40:22.840 –> 00:40:29.620
One drive is not it one drive is HIPAA compliant the business version, but not the personal version

00:40:29.620 –> 00:40:32.080
but they have a actually in

00:40:33.440 –> 00:40:35.440
the actual version of

00:40:35.440 –> 00:40:40.680
One drive they have something called the vault which is where you can drop your files when you drop those files in the vault

00:40:40.680 –> 00:40:44.000
They are actually so secure that Microsoft can’t even see them when they’re at rest

00:40:44.000 –> 00:40:46.700
so those kinds of things are

00:40:46.700 –> 00:40:52.180
Safe as far as when you put your stuff up there. Nobody else can read it

00:40:52.180 –> 00:40:57.780
One of the other things that I wanted to point out is people say all time

00:40:57.780 –> 00:41:03.060
Well one drive is or I cloud storage is very secure and it is to a certain degree

00:41:03.140 –> 00:41:04.660

00:41:04.660 –> 00:41:06.340
one of the things that my

00:41:06.340 –> 00:41:12.800
Apple has done over the years is they wanted to actually encrypt like if you plug your iPhone in and do a backup on your

00:41:12.800 –> 00:41:16.260
Computer there’s a checkbox that that’s not checked by default

00:41:16.260 –> 00:41:19.440
That says encrypt backup where you can actually encrypt your phone backup

00:41:19.440 –> 00:41:26.820
When you back up your phone to the cloud every night through iCloud storage that backup is not encrypt is not encrypted in iCloud

00:41:27.640 –> 00:41:33.520
Apple has actually done that because they’ve had many of issues with the FBI needs to get in get a backup of a phone

00:41:33.520 –> 00:41:36.160
for security purposes, so

00:41:36.160 –> 00:41:44.200
That’s actually one of the reasons why Apple a bunch of years ago was going to go ahead and back your stuff up

00:41:44.200 –> 00:41:50.840
To the cloud encrypted and I guess they got big blowback from people in the security industry that deal with the FBI

00:41:50.840 –> 00:41:55.560
So that said well if you do that, we have phones won’t be able to crack. We won’t be able to get the backups

00:41:55.960 –> 00:42:00.360
So that is actually one of the reasons why when you actually your phones backed up every night to

00:42:00.360 –> 00:42:05.320
Apple when you’re sleeping and when it’s at rest or they call it, but that actually is not

00:42:05.320 –> 00:42:10.420
An encrypted backup somebody breaks into your iCloud. They can actually steal backup of your phone

00:42:10.420 –> 00:42:16.480
And I know you’re like what that but yeah, that is actually true if you encrypt you can encrypt it on your on your computer

00:42:16.480 –> 00:42:21.600
But when you back it up automatically to the cloud overnight, it’s a non encrypted. It’s very important to know that

00:42:22.040 –> 00:42:28.160
Like I said, even when you back up your Google your phone like even Android you back your phone up every night to Google Drive

00:42:28.160 –> 00:42:29.080
That’s not encrypted

00:42:29.080 –> 00:42:34.980
anybody can anybody that can get access to your thinking also to people can a lot of people don’t realize this though when you back up to

00:42:34.980 –> 00:42:36.060
Google Drive

00:42:36.060 –> 00:42:38.860
Access in their terms of service. Google does have the right to

00:42:38.860 –> 00:42:42.280
Just search through your documents and stuff like that

00:42:42.280 –> 00:42:44.920
Same thing with when you reuse regular Gmail

00:42:44.920 –> 00:42:51.700
One of the reasons why Gmail is so controversial is because they actually say that while Google doesn’t actually read your email

00:42:51.840 –> 00:42:55.360
And they do actually read the email headers that go through

00:42:55.360 –> 00:42:59.340
When you send an email to somebody that’s even if you’re saying watch what you use

00:42:59.340 –> 00:43:04.800
I’ll forward my email, but if you’re forwarding your email as long as it’s hitting Google server, they’re reading the email headers

00:43:04.800 –> 00:43:10.080
That’s one of the reasons why when you get an amp that the theory is and nobody’s been able to prove this

00:43:10.080 –> 00:43:12.080
But it’s kind of writings on the wall

00:43:12.080 –> 00:43:14.160
when you actually

00:43:14.160 –> 00:43:17.720
As a user if you notice when you buy something on Amazon

00:43:18.280 –> 00:43:22.000
They actually send it to you, but you don’t get a pic, you know, it just is your do this

00:43:22.000 –> 00:43:29.040
Your order number has been whatever has been shipped or has been there’s a reason it doesn’t give you the the actual what you ordered

00:43:29.040 –> 00:43:31.080
information because

00:43:31.080 –> 00:43:34.520
Amazon doesn’t want Google reading the headers and then knowing where to

00:43:34.520 –> 00:43:39.680
What to target ads at you that’s kind of Amazon’s way of kind of getting around

00:43:39.680 –> 00:43:43.440
Google targeting ads and taking business away from them. They don’t want

00:43:44.240 –> 00:43:51.020
Amazon doesn’t want Google reading your email headers and then knowing what you’re shopping for and then targeting ads at you and taking business away from

00:43:51.020 –> 00:43:53.880
Amazon a lot of people don’t don’t know that

00:43:53.880 –> 00:44:01.180
There are encrypted email services out there that are much more there. There are a lot of email services are better than

00:44:01.180 –> 00:44:05.800
Then Gmail as far as safety goes and people not reading your stuff

00:44:05.800 –> 00:44:09.440
the problem is you want to use any Google services you need a Gmail account, but

00:44:09.440 –> 00:44:12.180
anything like proton mail or

00:44:13.080 –> 00:44:16.320
Toto tot I to T I

00:44:16.320 –> 00:44:19.040
Think it is or I go or whatever like that

00:44:19.040 –> 00:44:26.360
Torta die to to die. Oh the fast mail if you want something simple and basic just somebody not reading your email fast

00:44:26.360 –> 00:44:28.160
Mail is really good

00:44:28.160 –> 00:44:33.440
Even I mean even even Microsoft that their outlook calm they don’t I mean

00:44:33.440 –> 00:44:40.980
Microsoft has a search business, but it’s not their primary business that there hasn’t been any proof yet of them reading mail to target ads

00:44:40.980 –> 00:44:44.080
At you, I mean they may be but there hasn’t been any proof ever proven of it. But

00:44:44.080 –> 00:44:47.300
Like I said fast mail is pretty good. They’re pretty cheap

00:44:47.300 –> 00:44:51.360
Proton mail is really good. They’re a little pricey, but they encrypt on your mail

00:44:51.360 –> 00:44:56.600
The one thing that’s nice about something like proton mail or like Tuda to UT I/O

00:44:56.600 –> 00:45:01.880
Is the they actually encrypt your mail so they can’t even see your email. So

00:45:01.880 –> 00:45:03.960
Not that you have to worry about that

00:45:03.960 –> 00:45:07.160
But if you ever had anything where you had to produce your email

00:45:07.760 –> 00:45:13.580
Or anybody ever they ever got subpoenaed. They can’t ever look at your mail. Google and stuff can’t actually see your mail

00:45:13.580 –> 00:45:17.980
But services like that where your email is all encrypted. They can’t even see the email

00:45:17.980 –> 00:45:22.100
So those services are nice fast mail is very secure, but it’s not

00:45:22.100 –> 00:45:25.100
but it’s not very

00:45:25.100 –> 00:45:29.740
It’s not it’s not as encrypted as those kind of services, but those services you’re paying for that

00:45:29.740 –> 00:45:35.980
Those services are not cheap, but fast mail is pretty good. At least you’re not using google pretty good

00:45:35.980 –> 00:45:39.100
They haven’t there’s no been anything about them reading emails and stuff of that

00:45:39.100 –> 00:45:43.080
so there are services out there that you can use that are better than Google and

00:45:43.080 –> 00:45:46.120
Will protect your privacy and that’s if you’re worried about it

00:45:46.120 –> 00:45:48.760
You know if you’re worried or everybody should be worried about privacy

00:45:48.760 –> 00:45:52.940
But a lot of people don’t but that’s why they could say we talked about signal before and stuff like that

00:45:52.940 –> 00:45:53.940
But I thought that was a good question

00:45:53.940 –> 00:45:58.500
I wanted to save that one for the show because I thought that was actually a really cool question

00:45:58.500 –> 00:46:05.320
Talking about security and storage the other question somebody had for me about security, which I saved it to is

00:46:05.540 –> 00:46:08.260
A lot of good questions to speak about security. I’m not sure you know

00:46:08.260 –> 00:46:12.920
Not sure you know if somebody I’m not sure what triggered this but they did

00:46:12.920 –> 00:46:16.680
One of the other questions that somebody had which I really thought were interesting

00:46:16.680 –> 00:46:19.320
Well somebody asked about your photos

00:46:19.320 –> 00:46:25.800
So there if you they say if you upload your photos while they’re backed up and save I had heard

00:46:25.800 –> 00:46:31.840
Stories about people looking at your photos, so nobody’s actually looking at your photos

00:46:32.840 –> 00:46:39.880
But if you do store photos up in like Amazon has free photos storage for Prime users

00:46:39.880 –> 00:46:42.560
Google has

00:46:42.560 –> 00:46:44.920
photo storage

00:46:44.920 –> 00:46:53.040
So does Facebook it does actually say in their terms of service though that if you do store photos on these services while the storage

00:46:53.040 –> 00:46:54.200
is free

00:46:54.200 –> 00:46:58.400
They do have right to use the metadata of the picture that they do have rights to use

00:46:59.240 –> 00:47:04.320
The photo the image of on the photo things like that for actually

00:47:04.320 –> 00:47:11.800
Training AI or for anything that they want to use it for for facial recognition software

00:47:11.800 –> 00:47:14.080
They’re working on anything like that for the VR stuff

00:47:14.080 –> 00:47:18.760
Does actually say right in the terms of Facebook’s got in their hands caught in the cookie jar a few times with this

00:47:18.760 –> 00:47:23.760
Where they they’ve actually used people’s photo with actually got caught using people’s photos

00:47:23.760 –> 00:47:26.360
for actually training

00:47:26.680 –> 00:47:33.420
Their AI or training their VR headset we know Amazon has said a couple times that they’ve actually gotten caught

00:47:33.420 –> 00:47:40.000
Using photos. I think it was for training something or or working on some kind of location services

00:47:40.000 –> 00:47:42.000
They were using on they were using the photos for that

00:47:42.000 –> 00:47:44.000
I think

00:47:44.000 –> 00:47:48.400
And I don’t remember the whole story, but I think I think it was I think I know Amazon’s gotten caught

00:47:48.400 –> 00:47:55.760
I know Google’s gotten caught and I know that Facebook’s gotten caught with using their photos like I said when you you know when it

00:47:55.760 –> 00:47:58.940
Tells you right in their terms of service that if you upload a photo they have the right to use it

00:47:58.940 –> 00:48:03.520
For any project they’re working on it does actually say they’re in their terms of service

00:48:03.520 –> 00:48:10.120
You know just because free photo storage is not free you’re paying for it in some way whether it’s your data

00:48:10.120 –> 00:48:17.180
Or your privacy or whatever you’re paying for it, but like I said and some people don’t care, but I’m just letting you know that

00:48:17.180 –> 00:48:22.800
They have I know if Amazon’s gotten caught. I think they’re working with IBM for facial recognition software

00:48:22.800 –> 00:48:28.800
I think Amazon’s working with IBM for facial recognition software, and they were using photos with faces on it to help train IBM’s

00:48:28.800 –> 00:48:32.240
Recognition software, I think that was a story that was a while back

00:48:32.240 –> 00:48:37.880
I know Facebook’s gotten caught doing it for their AI, and I think and I know for a fact Google’s gotten caught

00:48:37.880 –> 00:48:44.720
Using photos and metadata to tweak their map service again. There’s been a couple of ones, but that’s

00:48:44.720 –> 00:48:50.000
You know those are the ones that I remember so yes if you do are using your free file storage

00:48:50.360 –> 00:48:53.780
If you don’t care, that’s fine use the free file store save yourself a couple bucks a month

00:48:53.780 –> 00:48:57.320
You know those dollars add up you can pay so you know I mean but

00:48:57.320 –> 00:49:01.680
Because that’s where the world’s going there’s something called subscription fatigue

00:49:01.680 –> 00:49:07.420
And you know all these services want you to all pay for subscriptions, but the problem with that is is

00:49:07.420 –> 00:49:10.840
You know these these few dollar a month services

00:49:10.840 –> 00:49:15.480
Times it by how many services you add the subscription services really start to add up

00:49:15.480 –> 00:49:18.680
And really start to bite people in the ass and that’s kind of

00:49:19.080 –> 00:49:21.800
Where we’re going with so many subscription services

00:49:21.800 –> 00:49:27.340
And so many paying for you know it’s not the the $15 one Netflix account that kills you

00:49:27.340 –> 00:49:32.600
But it’s the $15 for this the $12 for this the $8 for this is 16 for this the 20 for this

00:49:32.600 –> 00:49:36.560
And then you end up you have hundreds of dollars a month in subscription fees so

00:49:36.560 –> 00:49:43.360
Then there’s actually something else all subscription fatigue, and I’ve actually read a lot about that and that’s actually a real thing

00:49:43.360 –> 00:49:45.680
but um

00:49:45.680 –> 00:49:47.640
Like I said if you can so if you can save money

00:49:47.640 –> 00:49:50.420
You don’t care about that stuff feel free to use the free

00:49:50.420 –> 00:49:53.320
You know the free

00:49:53.320 –> 00:49:56.540
Storage I mean it’s only you don’t care about that stuff. I do

00:49:56.540 –> 00:50:02.240
And that’s why I don’t use them, but again not everybody cares about that stuff

00:50:02.240 –> 00:50:05.920
But that is something a very good point to bring up that

00:50:05.920 –> 00:50:12.680
You know that stuff does happen where they do use your photos and stuff like that the other question

00:50:12.680 –> 00:50:15.360
I got to was from somebody that messaged me wanted to know

00:50:16.060 –> 00:50:20.300
They know the podcast is audios or any reason why I’m streaming on rumble

00:50:20.300 –> 00:50:23.220
We know you use rumble for some of your videos and some of your game streaming

00:50:23.220 –> 00:50:27.840
Why don’t you use the podcast? Why don’t you live stream the podcast?

00:50:27.840 –> 00:50:34.040
I I don’t at the moment because the podcast always releases on a Monday. I could never do the live stream on a Monday

00:50:34.040 –> 00:50:36.040
I’m just too busy with my business and stuff like that

00:50:36.040 –> 00:50:39.880
I actually what’s nice about the podcast is I can tape it

00:50:39.880 –> 00:50:43.640
And then it gives me time to edit it and do all that kind of stuff if I want to

00:50:44.140 –> 00:50:46.240
Or go ahead if I want to tape it at night

00:50:46.240 –> 00:50:50.040
Or tape in the morning or whenever I have free time I can tape it

00:50:50.040 –> 00:50:54.840
And then same thing with the videos the videos I post that I’m gonna be posting they’re not live the videos

00:50:54.840 –> 00:50:56.940
I made whenever I had free time that I post them

00:50:56.940 –> 00:51:02.880
I just like the podcast and the audio only version right now just because it gives me a little more flexibility with my time

00:51:02.880 –> 00:51:05.360
And it gives me a little more

00:51:05.360 –> 00:51:08.640
Chance if I to do it either sometimes you just hear me do it on my

00:51:09.280 –> 00:51:15.280
Car ride on the way home or you’ve heard me or like the videos that I’ve got some downtime one day after work

00:51:15.280 –> 00:51:18.620
They’ve got some time. You know a little extra time. I work on the video so that

00:51:18.620 –> 00:51:23.420
So I don’t particularly mind doing the videos because they’re not live I can make them and work on them for weeks at a time

00:51:23.420 –> 00:51:28.340
Same thing with the podcast I can do it on my ride home if I have time to kill on the ride home

00:51:28.340 –> 00:51:32.820
Or if I want to do it you know at night or in the morning when everybody’s sleeping I?

00:51:32.820 –> 00:51:35.620
Can do it it just gives me more flexibility

00:51:36.260 –> 00:51:41.080
The show was live I’d have to be beholden to a schedule of doing it every day at this time

00:51:41.080 –> 00:51:44.840
And we try I did try doing that so on some of the earlier episodes that I did on rumble

00:51:44.840 –> 00:51:49.320
I tried to actually beholden and do it at a certain time, but it I kept missing episodes

00:51:49.320 –> 00:51:52.760
I would miss a couple weeks because I think couldn’t get the schedule was busy that time

00:51:52.760 –> 00:51:56.320
And then I tried doing it over the weekends, but then we get busy sometimes the weekend stuff

00:51:56.320 –> 00:51:59.260
It just it was just too much, and it was just too hard for me to

00:51:59.260 –> 00:52:02.480
Try to do those things

00:52:02.480 –> 00:52:05.020
It just was too complicated

00:52:05.440 –> 00:52:09.540
Somebody had said why don’t you record the video and post it up on rumble I?

00:52:09.540 –> 00:52:15.640
Guess I could record a video and post it on rumble to be a huge video though some of the podcast episodes are 45 minutes

00:52:15.640 –> 00:52:20.060
To an hour that would take a while to upload I mean I guess I mean I could do that

00:52:20.060 –> 00:52:22.960
But it’s just it’s nothing I have to edit and all that kind of stuff it

00:52:22.960 –> 00:52:28.920
Just right now the the thing right now doing the podcast and posting videos seems to work for me pretty well and

00:52:28.920 –> 00:52:35.040
Right now we’re just gonna stick with that because it gives me the flexibility that I need and lets me be able to do a show

00:52:35.040 –> 00:52:39.120
Every week and like I said the videos like I said some of the in some of the videos

00:52:39.120 –> 00:52:41.300
I’ve done like a month ago or two months ago

00:52:41.300 –> 00:52:47.500
Again, it just gives me that flexibility to not be holding to a certain live streaming schedule

00:52:47.500 –> 00:52:52.240
Like I said it just you know it just makes it easier for me to do the show

00:52:52.240 –> 00:52:57.880
The live streaming as far as I get a lot of you guys know I do live stream on on the weekends on on

00:52:59.160 –> 00:53:04.900
rumble by usually live stream like Halo or Call of Duty or Counter Strike or

00:53:04.900 –> 00:53:13.840
The lone long is dark which is a survival game I like to play I do live stream that stuff on the weekends

00:53:13.840 –> 00:53:17.540
I’m available, but again. That’s not a set schedule. I don’t have to do it

00:53:17.540 –> 00:53:21.500
I just like doing it, and I’m usually free on a weekend night, so I’ll do it

00:53:21.500 –> 00:53:24.140
But I like I said, I don’t have to do it

00:53:24.140 –> 00:53:28.480
That’s just something I like to do and I like doing it on the weekend because it’s easier for me

00:53:28.480 –> 00:53:33.920
And then plus two I’m available on the weekend, and you know sometimes if I have an hour free

00:53:33.920 –> 00:53:37.040
I’ll just jump on and live stream and chat with everybody

00:53:37.040 –> 00:53:42.360
And I know everybody enjoys that extra content and enjoys chatting with me and some lives of that

00:53:42.360 –> 00:53:44.780
But if I had actually beholden to it

00:53:44.780 –> 00:53:47.820
That’s why a lot of times like I know a couple people said why have you have a live streamed in like two weeks?

00:53:47.820 –> 00:53:49.840
Well because I haven’t had the time

00:53:49.840 –> 00:53:54.180
But I but I am able to kind of work my schedule around this show

00:53:55.280 –> 00:53:59.960
So I’m able to do it every week and record it and then the videos I’m able to do that on my spare time as

00:53:59.960 –> 00:54:04.340
Well, so that’s kind of why we don’t have a set schedule. It’d be nice

00:54:04.340 –> 00:54:09.020
We would be but I think it’s a little better for me this way at my schedule at the moment again

00:54:09.020 –> 00:54:11.840
I don’t do this full-time, so it’s one of those things

00:54:11.840 –> 00:54:17.560
But again, I want to thank you like I said all the questions. I love them send them at like I said on Twitter

00:54:17.560 –> 00:54:22.480
@kb3yua it’s my call sign for my ham radio rig

00:54:23.040 –> 00:54:27.260
Like I said any other thing like I said also all of our old episodes if you want more to listen to

00:54:27.260 –> 00:54:35.180
Survival podcast org and like I said all the videos are available on our website as well or at

00:54:35.180 –> 00:54:39.820
I will include the link below. Thank you very much, and we’ll speak to you on the next episode