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All right folks with the download button of survivalist podcast

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So folks you can hit all of our old shows at survivalist

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So folks we’ve been we’ve been away for a while about six months or so a lot going on

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just in general with everything and

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Kind of had to take a little little step away from the podcast

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But I am back now as well hopefully as back as as long as I can for the foreseeable future anyway

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Unless something happens, but tons of stuff going on. I’ll give you guys a little update

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so my wife and I

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We were living

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morning towards the the city area more towards the the Philadelphia area and

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my wife and I made a decision as a husband a wife to go ahead and

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kind of

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You know move move a little more into the you know a back kind of where do I used to live more to the you?

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Know the rural area and stuff like that

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And we bought a old

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Not with a little bit of land maybe about an acre and a half almost two acres

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And we’ve had that and when we bought it. We got it really cheap in a foreclosure

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I’ve interested like I said about real estate. I actually think I believe actually did an earlier podcast on real estate not too long ago

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And we went ahead we bought that and that that was about five months or so we were working on that

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you know almost every night after work and on the weekends and

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all that kind of stuff so we were working on that and

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Between that pretty much took up the last almost five months getting that all done when I say it was in rough shape

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I mean real bad shape

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Really bad shape you know no plumbing. You know the very next to no electric

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You know just constantly need tons of work inside and out so

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Like I said it’s all farmers so it needs a lot more work to go

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I’ll probably be in another year year or half will be working on it

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but so that was that and we went ahead and we spent most of the

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You know we spent most of the last couple months doing that through the holidays and all that so we’ve been off for a while

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And I’m kind of mean to get back to this now my wife and I are kind of settling back into the house

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You know it’s I want to get back to doing the podcast talking about all things. You know prepper survival

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All that kind of stuff

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And you know it’s good to good to be kind of you know back to doing what I enjoy doing

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But I feel bad that we’re off for a while. You know we have tons of people that follow us on iTunes and

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And Stitcher and some of that they were like well. I haven’t seen you on everything okay, you know

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I explained our situation you guys are great

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You know everybody lessons a great group of fans, and I appreciate everybody being concerned about you know my health and well-being

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And maybe thinking something was wrong, but I know everything is

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Everything’s fine. Just you know my wife, and I made a big decision

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As a couple that what we wanted to do and you know we wanted to get a little place a little more a little more rural

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You know we still have neighbors though that but there’s enough space between us and the next person so you know we’re happy about that

00:03:11.020 –> 00:03:14.960
But you know we’ve made the decision to to get this old farmhouse

00:03:14.960 –> 00:03:18.120
We were looking at some other homes and my wife, and I thought this was a good

00:03:18.120 –> 00:03:23.240
You know really we got it so cheap. It was worth worth the putting the work into it and all that and

00:03:23.240 –> 00:03:28.200
You know we both like I said we wanted to start kind of doing some homesteading and things like that

00:03:28.200 –> 00:03:32.560
So this was a perfect perfect pick for us as a husband a wife and as a family

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We made the decision school districts are very good as well for our daughter

00:03:37.280 –> 00:03:43.700
She really is enjoying the school district and getting a good education all that so that’s you know very important as well, so

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We’re still in the Poconos, but there was on the mountain. That’s just it was on, Pennsylvania

00:03:47.880 –> 00:03:54.200
But we’re more in the Poconos now like I said in an older farmhouse that we fixed up very beautiful

00:03:54.200 –> 00:03:58.560
We’re really enjoying it and that house is great those of you that we keeping up to date on these things

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You know a lot of you guys

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You know we’ve been keeping up on what’s going on with it, and I do appreciate that

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All the juice of other things folks I did since I did take some time away those people have asked could I possibly

00:04:10.600 –> 00:04:16.000
You know take some time and update the website you know before and after picture stuff that we’ve done and things like that

00:04:16.000 –> 00:04:19.080
I’m gonna go ahead and do that as well, so we’ll go ahead and

00:04:19.080 –> 00:04:22.780
Eventually, I’ll throw some pictures up on the website and things like that

00:04:22.780 –> 00:04:25.360
We can kind of show you what we’ve been doing and stuff like that

00:04:25.360 –> 00:04:31.200
So some of the things too we did you know with moving and stuff like that

00:04:31.200 –> 00:04:35.960
One of the things I wanted to do since we moved you know the very tight area

00:04:35.960 –> 00:04:42.640
We didn’t have a lot of room for storage and for you know prep supplies of that so

00:04:42.640 –> 00:04:47.320
This house we have a bunch of big pantries in the kitchen and some of that

00:04:47.320 –> 00:04:52.160
We’ve been filling the pantries up little by little with supplies and things like that so that we’re you know

00:04:52.160 –> 00:04:58.120
We have plenty of plenty of plant canned goods and things like that so that’s one of the reasons why I moved well

00:04:58.120 –> 00:05:00.200
We needed more room for storage and things like that

00:05:00.200 –> 00:05:05.880
Also, I don’t like this ought to being on top of everybody in the town every knowing your business and all that so like

00:05:05.880 –> 00:05:08.520
I said, it’s a lot nicer, but you know we’re working on you know

00:05:08.520 –> 00:05:12.500
Filling up our you know our compartments and stuff like that and our little

00:05:12.500 –> 00:05:18.280
You know all of our pantries and all of our storage areas with things to you know

00:05:18.280 –> 00:05:24.320
To kind of more more or less. You know be prepared and ready, so we’ve been working on that

00:05:24.320 –> 00:05:26.320
It’s one of these I want to point out to folks when you do move

00:05:26.320 –> 00:05:29.760
You know when you go through everything people say all the time well well

00:05:29.760 –> 00:05:33.080
You know I you know I want to spend a few hundred dollars to pack the shelves

00:05:33.140 –> 00:05:38.560
You don’t have to necessarily buy all you know get a bunch of stuff all at one time. You know take your time

00:05:38.560 –> 00:05:42.320
And you know you know it doesn’t you know every day you go grocery

00:05:42.320 –> 00:05:48.340
She had every time you go shopping instead of getting one can get two and you know you quickly you can fill up your supplies

00:05:48.340 –> 00:05:54.520
Over over time you have to be necessary tomorrow, but it can be over time so that’s what we’ve been doing slowly

00:05:54.520 –> 00:05:55.840
I’ve been every time we go shopping

00:05:55.840 –> 00:05:59.920
I buy an extra bag of this extra box of that extra can of this and

00:06:00.140 –> 00:06:05.600
We’ve been packing the shelves so we should be hopefully by the end of the year my plan is to be very well stocked

00:06:05.600 –> 00:06:08.240
So we’re working on that

00:06:08.240 –> 00:06:14.440
Also, too. It was nice with this house folks the old house. I really didn’t have an area to garage or anything

00:06:14.440 –> 00:06:19.920
This new house now. I have a little workshop. I have a small garage for storing materials and some of that projects

00:06:19.920 –> 00:06:21.920
I’m working on the house things like that which I didn’t have before

00:06:21.920 –> 00:06:26.000
So that was another big big decision. We made to go ahead and do that

00:06:27.040 –> 00:06:33.480
We did that also to folks we also have some other also to with the new house. We also have

00:06:33.480 –> 00:06:38.360
There’s a there’s a there was some extra supplies. We have left over some of the work

00:06:38.360 –> 00:06:42.100
We did so actually went ahead and built a chicken coop and hopefully this week

00:06:42.100 –> 00:06:44.400
we’re gonna have our chickens are gonna be showing up and

00:06:44.400 –> 00:06:46.940
Hopefully we’ll meet getting up making our role

00:06:46.940 –> 00:06:52.080
You know having our own egg production and all that kind of stuff start saving money that way so we have our chicks coming

00:06:52.080 –> 00:06:54.700
we got

00:06:55.260 –> 00:06:58.700
We got from a farm and there’s a four of I’m gonna have four females right now

00:06:58.700 –> 00:07:05.180
You know four chickens, and you know we should be able to at least get the if they say each the chickens

00:07:05.180 –> 00:07:07.260
Leave about an egg a day, so I figure out four chickens

00:07:07.260 –> 00:07:10.340
We should have more than enough eggs for myself and most of my family

00:07:10.340 –> 00:07:13.340
So we have chicken we’re gonna have chickens now as well

00:07:13.340 –> 00:07:17.920
And we’ve been talking about maybe getting a goat or a pig or something like that, too

00:07:17.920 –> 00:07:23.300
But you know one step at a time you know Rome wasn’t built in a day and obviously the homestead isn’t gonna be built in

00:07:23.300 –> 00:07:24.540
a day either

00:07:24.540 –> 00:07:28.320
Some of the other things changes we made to cut back on our bills. We dropped cable

00:07:28.320 –> 00:07:31.560
We don’t have cable TV anymore all we use is the internet

00:07:31.560 –> 00:07:37.680
So our bill is much cheaper than what it used to be so I went ahead and we cut cable and all we have now

00:07:37.680 –> 00:07:39.680
Is internet we have Google TV?

00:07:39.680 –> 00:07:41.960

00:07:41.960 –> 00:07:49.120
Just a couple other things you know just really nothing you know YouTube and and that’s about all we do you know YouTube between YouTube TV

00:07:49.120 –> 00:07:54.140
And just regular YouTube we have about all television. We need to watch. I’m not I don’t really watch a lot of TV

00:07:54.620 –> 00:07:59.820
So for me, you know it’s fine. Just to you know just to put on something to watch that’s good enough for me

00:07:59.820 –> 00:08:02.280
So we’ve been you know like I said we don’t really have

00:08:02.280 –> 00:08:07.540
Cable TV so but that’s alright, but we did that to kind of cut back on the expenses, too

00:08:07.540 –> 00:08:12.640
What I went to actually was saying when we turn on the internet. Oh, we totally we just wanted internet

00:08:12.640 –> 00:08:15.340
We didn’t want cable TV, and she’s like yeah a lot of people are doing that

00:08:15.340 –> 00:08:20.040
Although that was kind of humorous, so I went ahead and did that as well

00:08:20.640 –> 00:08:24.260
Let’s see any other things we have going on in the news

00:08:24.260 –> 00:08:29.260
Well not in the news, but any news we have anything else that’s changed

00:08:29.260 –> 00:08:37.460
Let’s see well actually say it’s the interesting thing too since we kind of kind of work from since I work a lot from home

00:08:37.460 –> 00:08:39.420
Now my wife does as well

00:08:39.420 –> 00:08:41.160
You know we both got offices now

00:08:41.160 –> 00:08:44.880
She’s got her little office, and I have my office here as well so at least now

00:08:44.880 –> 00:08:48.220
We have two separate offices now, so we can the old house

00:08:48.220 –> 00:08:52.440
We were pretty tight and we’re kind of on top of each other, but now we left plenty of room

00:08:52.440 –> 00:08:53.960
We have an extra bedroom

00:08:53.960 –> 00:08:59.200
Guest bedroom, and I’d say like I said we’re working on we have one bathroom downstairs working on maybe getting this somewhere

00:08:59.200 –> 00:09:03.640
I want to put a second bathroom upstairs. We have one upstairs one downstairs, so we’re working on all that

00:09:03.640 –> 00:09:08.960
But like I said Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s gonna take time, but at least we’re getting the homestead up and operating

00:09:08.960 –> 00:09:16.500
Here, but like I said, it’s all farmhouse. It’s very gorgeous. You know old wood floors, and you know sheetrock and

00:09:17.420 –> 00:09:21.760
You know it’s all well insulated new window. I just put in new windows over the last couple months

00:09:21.760 –> 00:09:26.020
We got rid of all the old windows put in old vinyl replacement windows try to help with the heat

00:09:26.020 –> 00:09:28.480
You know conserve heat

00:09:28.480 –> 00:09:31.120
Put in a new heating system

00:09:31.120 –> 00:09:34.600
Propane and all that that’s working out really well for us

00:09:34.600 –> 00:09:38.660
We’re saving quite a bit of money with that I went with a gas stove instead of an electric stove

00:09:38.660 –> 00:09:42.380
So this way no matter whatever happens even though we lose electric we can still cook

00:09:42.380 –> 00:09:45.360
So we went ahead with the gas stove this time

00:09:46.040 –> 00:09:49.060
We’ve usually always had electric, but I want I wanted to go gas this time

00:09:49.060 –> 00:09:52.020
So we went with a gas stove when we when I put in the kitchen for my wife

00:09:52.020 –> 00:09:55.620
We went ahead and and did that like I said we’re using propane right now, but

00:09:55.620 –> 00:10:01.560
You know that seems to be working pretty well for us putting new propane firms over there. No central air just yet

00:10:01.560 –> 00:10:05.040
That little modern convenience has not been added yet

00:10:05.040 –> 00:10:07.140
I’m hoping to get a hoping to maybe go on

00:10:07.140 –> 00:10:11.660
But I found folks if you go to Home Depot and Lowe’s over that you pay a premium for air conditioning units

00:10:11.660 –> 00:10:16.420
I went on eBay and found that you can actually get one drop-shift to you actually on the pallet

00:10:16.420 –> 00:10:21.580
And then go ahead and hook up the central air, so I didn’t do that just yet

00:10:21.580 –> 00:10:24.900
But that’s something I’m gonna be hopefully working on before it gets too hot here

00:10:24.900 –> 00:10:29.380
We had a couple of hot days this past week, but I’m hoping actually to go ahead and get that done soon

00:10:29.380 –> 00:10:32.820
Haven’t gotten my level guys to that they listen to the show

00:10:32.820 –> 00:10:38.020
Asked about my ham radio stuff. I haven’t exactly at the time to get my ham radio rig up and running yet

00:10:38.660 –> 00:10:42.820
We just moved in about maybe two months ago and with everything going on having that time

00:10:42.820 –> 00:10:46.160
I want to eventually get my antennas outside and hook up my rig

00:10:46.160 –> 00:10:48.780
I do have my rig here, but I have to hook it up to the antenna. I didn’t do that yet

00:10:48.780 –> 00:10:53.060
I’m gonna hopefully the next month or so get get my rig set up. I’m working on every day

00:10:53.060 –> 00:10:56.460
I see every day if I can I’ll have a little project. I try to do it every night

00:10:56.460 –> 00:11:01.940
So we’ll see what happens, but I hopefully I hope and have that done really soon now my chickens and stuff showing up

00:11:01.940 –> 00:11:07.220
You know hopefully I’ll get it made it take up a little more more time, but hopefully we’ll get we’ll get that taken care of

00:11:07.220 –> 00:11:10.260
I do any of my rig up in case I want to talk to some of my friends on the radio

00:11:10.260 –> 00:11:14.140
We’re working on that of those you guys that do listen. It’s KB 3y ua

00:11:14.140 –> 00:11:16.580
I was my call sign if you want to go ahead and look me up

00:11:16.580 –> 00:11:24.420
So so we’ve had we have that going on we’ve had plenty of that you know keep running my business and you know

00:11:24.420 –> 00:11:29.180
And then doing the house there hasn’t been much time for podcasting or doing any of that

00:11:29.180 –> 00:11:32.780
So I want to try to get hopefully get back into the podcasting bit gig

00:11:32.780 –> 00:11:35.500
Hopefully you know trying to get

00:11:36.100 –> 00:11:39.900
Trying to get that all taken care of is you know it’s been a slow process

00:11:39.900 –> 00:11:42.380
I’m not gonna lie trying to get the podcast done

00:11:42.380 –> 00:11:45.660
You know trying to you know get the house done on nights and weekends

00:11:45.660 –> 00:11:49.920
And then to trying to run my business, and then there wasn’t and then you know family its life

00:11:49.920 –> 00:11:52.500
There wasn’t much time to do any type of podcasting

00:11:52.500 –> 00:11:53.380
But I don’t like I said we’ve got it

00:11:53.380 –> 00:11:58.940
We’re starting to skip back in our groove here so hoping to you know get back into these things now that I’ve got a little

00:11:58.940 –> 00:12:00.940
more time

00:12:00.940 –> 00:12:04.000
So we got the chickens coming up like I said I was talking about that

00:12:04.000 –> 00:12:06.300
We do have we do have chickens coming this week

00:12:06.300 –> 00:12:12.320
Chicks I shouldn’t say chickens chicks, and I’m gonna have their only they just hatched

00:12:12.320 –> 00:12:17.340
So they’re gonna have to be inside for for for eight weeks, so we’re working on that

00:12:17.340 –> 00:12:20.720
I got a little time to get my chicken coop together, but I’ve kind of already started building it

00:12:20.720 –> 00:12:23.980
What I’m gonna go ahead and do I want to get an enclosed area for them

00:12:23.980 –> 00:12:26.460
I could put them at night, so they’re safe from any predators

00:12:26.460 –> 00:12:28.100
And then at night

00:12:28.100 –> 00:12:33.280
I’m gonna have a fenced in area where they can walk around and all that so they can graze and all that so

00:12:33.940 –> 00:12:38.740
I’m working on that my wife actually you know and my mom’s a president of two

00:12:38.740 –> 00:12:44.000
She lives very close now knows quite a bit about chickens, and I had a raised chicken

00:12:44.000 –> 00:12:45.640
So I’m really hoping I know a lot

00:12:45.640 –> 00:12:52.120
But I think my mom actually does a lot more than I expected so I’m hoping she could go ahead and and help us out with

00:12:52.120 –> 00:12:55.520
Getting all that set up the other thing. I’m trying to do two folks

00:12:55.520 –> 00:13:01.540
And since we got the chickens and all that coming I got the feed I gotta get I gotta get that tomorrow actually

00:13:01.540 –> 00:13:06.060
I’m actually making sure I got that before they show up. They’re supposed to show the farmer say drop them off Wednesday or Thursday

00:13:06.060 –> 00:13:09.180
I got I got what they call cinnamon hens

00:13:09.180 –> 00:13:11.940
I got girls actually

00:13:11.940 –> 00:13:17.740
Three girls actually I think that should be enough eggs for all of us, but I got three cinnamon hens so

00:13:17.740 –> 00:13:22.220
Should be able to you know they produce things at about an egg a day

00:13:22.220 –> 00:13:26.660
So I should have you know we should have more than my wife, and I should have more than enough eggs, so

00:13:26.660 –> 00:13:31.200
Like I said we got three chickens now. I didn’t get her I didn’t get a rooster yet

00:13:31.320 –> 00:13:36.400
I know they say you want to you know sometimes you want to go ahead and have a rooster and get fertilized eggs get more

00:13:36.400 –> 00:13:39.680
Chicks, I don’t know for that point just yet. I may get a rooster

00:13:39.680 –> 00:13:42.480
Hopefully you know within the next

00:13:42.480 –> 00:13:48.720
Maybe the next couple months, but right now that I feel let’s just get the girls there get them laying and you know go from there

00:13:48.720 –> 00:13:52.560
That’s my plan with that anyway

00:13:52.560 –> 00:13:56.280
Like I said we do eventually like I said want to get some more animals farm animals

00:13:56.280 –> 00:13:59.840
We have the space you know it’s a nice like I said we’re on about a about an acre

00:13:59.840 –> 00:14:01.840
Maybe a little maybe you know maybe a little more

00:14:01.840 –> 00:14:04.120
But about an acre and a half maybe a little more

00:14:04.120 –> 00:14:08.840
But you know want to start you know you start slow, and you know go from there

00:14:08.840 –> 00:14:12.200
And I definitely want to get my want to get the chickens going they’re gonna take about eight weeks

00:14:12.200 –> 00:14:15.280
But they can be outside and start laying so I’ll get going with that

00:14:15.280 –> 00:14:21.840
The reason I went to cinnamon the cinnamon hens is because the what I found was a couple ones

00:14:21.840 –> 00:14:23.840
I was a couple of birds. I was looking at him

00:14:23.840 –> 00:14:26.080
We’re a little bit aggressive and with a nine-year-old

00:14:26.080 –> 00:14:30.400
They’re just gonna pick him up and touch him and I was afraid that we’d have you know problem

00:14:30.400 –> 00:14:34.120
so rather than you know deal with that I

00:14:34.120 –> 00:14:40.480
Decided to go ahead and and get these these are a lot more docile. These are a lot more

00:14:40.480 –> 00:14:46.360
You know they’re a little friendlier and stuff like that so I decided to go with them some of the white legs

00:14:46.360 –> 00:14:52.180
They’re a little bit aggressive and with a small child. I was a little afraid so we started to go with these

00:14:52.180 –> 00:14:58.440
I they lay brown eggs, which doesn’t matter brown or white doesn’t matter to me eggs eggs, so we’re actually talking my wife

00:14:58.440 –> 00:15:00.560
I’m actually getting ducks as well, but the problem is

00:15:00.560 –> 00:15:05.020
With the lit with the water freezing and stuff like that. You know we have pretty tough winters here

00:15:05.020 –> 00:15:08.800
I was afraid we were gonna lose one of them so what I decided to do is

00:15:08.800 –> 00:15:15.200
To go ahead and instead of getting ducks we’re gonna let you know we’re gonna hang back in the ducks well

00:15:15.200 –> 00:15:17.800
I love duck eggs. They taste amazing

00:15:18.680 –> 00:15:23.580
But I was just a little afraid that you know what with the ducks and and all that

00:15:23.580 –> 00:15:29.740
Concerned me so I figured since we don’t have a great water, and I was afraid something what happened to them

00:15:29.740 –> 00:15:35.020
I decided to just say you know let’s just let’s just hold off. We’ll just get the chickens for now

00:15:35.020 –> 00:15:41.820
My newt my neighbor that’s across street. That’s got quite a ways for us. He’s got chickens as well as most stuff

00:15:41.820 –> 00:15:44.580
So we’ll go from there, but like I said at least we have

00:15:45.180 –> 00:15:51.400
We’ve my wife’s kicking my wife’s been hitting me up to do a pot-bellied pig. I’m not sure if I’m I don’t know

00:15:51.400 –> 00:15:53.400
I want I want animals I can produce

00:15:53.400 –> 00:15:55.920
products that we can use to save money

00:15:55.920 –> 00:15:58.160
chickens obviously the egg production

00:15:58.160 –> 00:16:02.920
I’m thinking possibly doing the you know even like maybe like a goat or something like that

00:16:02.920 –> 00:16:07.600
For milk and stuff like that, but I don’t really I’m not sure about it. I’m not sure about a pot-bellied pig

00:16:07.600 –> 00:16:13.880
I was talking about raising them. Maybe it’s a slaughter, but my wife wasn’t is she’s on board with it

00:16:14.080 –> 00:16:17.760
But she’s she’s not she said let’s start with the chickens and go from there

00:16:17.760 –> 00:16:22.200
You know maybe a little side money for if she raises pigs then we can sell them for slaughter

00:16:22.200 –> 00:16:24.720
well, but we’ll see what happens with with that but

00:16:24.720 –> 00:16:27.660
We got time for that

00:16:27.660 –> 00:16:29.940
Some other things as well folks that we’ve been

00:16:29.940 –> 00:16:34.780
You know that we’ve been doing as well not only with the chickens and stuff like that but

00:16:34.780 –> 00:16:37.680
Some other things that we’ve been working on

00:16:37.680 –> 00:16:43.700
Obviously you know we kicked around we went with regular standard electric right now

00:16:44.220 –> 00:16:46.460
And I know we could probably

00:16:46.460 –> 00:16:50.580
You know we were talking about we already have a generator

00:16:50.580 –> 00:16:54.860
We’re talking about possibly you know going getting some solar panels

00:16:54.860 –> 00:16:56.620
We’ve been kicking that idea around

00:16:56.620 –> 00:17:00.900
But there’s just so much other work that we got to do in the house first before we start looking at that

00:17:00.900 –> 00:17:03.500
Obviously we got to put in

00:17:03.500 –> 00:17:05.420
You know

00:17:05.420 –> 00:17:09.400
We’ve been putting in the new windows. We’ve been insulated at some very important folks though for you that aren’t

00:17:10.060 –> 00:17:14.100
Overly familiar I want to be that one of the things you should definitely definitely do

00:17:14.100 –> 00:17:19.020
If you’re not is work if you didn’t have you build by a house or build a house

00:17:19.020 –> 00:17:24.340
You want to make sure you take the time to put the insulation in because you know insulation is expensive

00:17:24.340 –> 00:17:29.700
I know it is but let me tell you you could save yourself so much money by putting in good insulation into your home and

00:17:29.700 –> 00:17:33.540
As long as you keep the heat and the air conditioning and your heat and air bill won’t be much

00:17:33.540 –> 00:17:39.420
So that’s one of the things I strongly strongly recommend is you go ahead and get yourself spend the money

00:17:39.700 –> 00:17:42.900
and get yourself, you know the central heat and the central air and

00:17:42.900 –> 00:17:49.060
Then but before you do make sure you you know insulate around those windows if you have to take the moldings down around the windows

00:17:49.060 –> 00:17:54.820
Caulk put the pink insulation in spray foam whatever you need to do, you know spray around those windows

00:17:54.820 –> 00:17:56.940
There’s a lot of your heat’s gonna get lost out of your windows and doors

00:17:56.940 –> 00:17:59.380
You know, that’s really important too and the other thing too

00:17:59.380 –> 00:18:01.620
If you do have a door put on a swarm door outside

00:18:01.620 –> 00:18:06.600
That’ll keep the heat in there’s a lot of things you can do and if you have the old the old windows, by the way

00:18:06.600 –> 00:18:11.960
I do want to point this out folks. If you have the old windows and you can’t afford to change them

00:18:11.960 –> 00:18:15.760
They do you know cover them with plastic. I think a roll of plastic is a couple bucks

00:18:15.760 –> 00:18:19.740
Cover them with plastic and that’ll keep the heat in the in the cold

00:18:19.740 –> 00:18:24.900
Out maybe not maybe not totally but at least it’ll break the breeze and it will help

00:18:24.900 –> 00:18:29.960
I know myself in our garage. We were having a little problem and we decided to go ahead with

00:18:29.960 –> 00:18:34.620
You know, we went ahead and we would do put a door on there

00:18:34.620 –> 00:18:37.280
But then what we did was to we also since we don’t really go out that door

00:18:37.280 –> 00:18:42.240
But we will put plastic on top of the door to make it even better seal and it’s the room stayed pretty warm the whole

00:18:42.240 –> 00:18:45.140
Year, which is a very small heat source. So that’s something else

00:18:45.140 –> 00:18:49.840
Always trying to make sure because you know, you know money, you know, you know, I always start about time

00:18:49.840 –> 00:18:51.740
They always say where can I save money? Where can I cut then?

00:18:51.740 –> 00:18:54.880
They first they start looking at cutting, you know, where can they cut but you can’t cut your insurance

00:18:54.880 –> 00:18:59.680
Yeah, you can I mean you can cut back in your insurance other than that, but they only put in liability

00:18:59.680 –> 00:19:02.200
But I don’t really recommend that if you have a fairly newer car

00:19:02.680 –> 00:19:05.680
But what you know if you would say well I cut back on this I can cut back on that

00:19:05.680 –> 00:19:10.680
I said well the one place you can cut is you can wrap you can take a thing of plastic and spend the weekend

00:19:10.680 –> 00:19:13.680
Okay, putting taping or stapling

00:19:13.680 –> 00:19:17.140
Plastic around your window. So let’s say that you say oh, that’s a lot of work

00:19:17.140 –> 00:19:20.040
Well, I know it’s a lot of work. But you know what?

00:19:20.040 –> 00:19:22.800
Are you want to save money? That’s what you got to do

00:19:22.800 –> 00:19:27.060
You know if you want to save you want you and your wife, I’m gonna cut back on finances

00:19:27.060 –> 00:19:29.060
That’s that’s where you start right there

00:19:29.280 –> 00:19:33.560
You know and then the other thing to folks if you want to want to say about like I said do one thing plays you can

00:19:33.560 –> 00:19:35.560
Cut is cable

00:19:35.560 –> 00:19:42.620
Yeah, folks. I know you’re gonna say why you can cut back on the internet. You can cut back in television. It’s a luxury

00:19:42.620 –> 00:19:43.800
It’s not a necessity

00:19:43.800 –> 00:19:46.240
The other thing folks you can cut back on believe it or not

00:19:46.240 –> 00:19:48.360
And I’m gonna say is people are gonna jump down my throat when I say this

00:19:48.360 –> 00:19:50.360
But you know what one place you can’t put back is on air conditioning

00:19:50.360 –> 00:19:53.960
You can’t cut back. I mean you can cut back on your heat to a certain degree

00:19:53.960 –> 00:19:57.640
You can drop the heat down like 70 maybe even 68, but you got to be careful with your pipes

00:19:58.120 –> 00:20:00.960
Okay, and let me day folks. I’ve had a couple people that say well

00:20:00.960 –> 00:20:04.960
I cut back on my heat and I was like a busted pipe, so it wasn’t worth it

00:20:04.960 –> 00:20:07.980
Well, how much did you know you can’t go from being 80 down at 50?

00:20:07.980 –> 00:20:10.640
You know you have to you got to cut back conservatively

00:20:10.640 –> 00:20:14.560
You know if you can cut you know my wife, and I we leave the heat downstairs on 68

00:20:14.560 –> 00:20:20.460
Okay, and that keeps the whole house warm and my daughter. You know we put an extra blanket on the bed

00:20:20.460 –> 00:20:22.460
And that’s how we save money on electric

00:20:22.460 –> 00:20:24.640
You know my daughter

00:20:24.800 –> 00:20:29.240
You know where we where do we try to save we try to go ahead and save with?

00:20:29.240 –> 00:20:33.700
You know my daughter has school lunch now. I don’t know if you can say oh you can bring lunch

00:20:33.700 –> 00:20:36.200
It’s cheaper. I have to say folks one thing in Pennsylvania

00:20:36.200 –> 00:20:40.480
It’s not always cheaper for your kids to bring their lunch my daughter. I think it’s like a buck seventy

00:20:40.480 –> 00:20:42.800
Almost two bucks for lunch

00:20:42.800 –> 00:20:46.540
You couldn’t even buy the bread for two bucks so in her case. It’s worth it

00:20:46.540 –> 00:20:50.800
And there you know the nutritious meals, but one of the place you can’t cut back don’t go out to eat every day

00:20:50.800 –> 00:20:55.600
I never bring lunch because I don’t want to spend the money all right bring lunch every day because I don’t want to go out

00:20:55.600 –> 00:20:59.440
And spend the money okay, so you know very important don’t go out to eat every day

00:20:59.440 –> 00:21:02.200
That’s place you can cut you know you cut back on the air conditioning

00:21:02.200 –> 00:21:08.160
Don’t you know only use the air conditioning when it’s you know you know 75 80 you know don’t use it when it’s you know 65

00:21:08.160 –> 00:21:09.680
outside 70

00:21:09.680 –> 00:21:11.680
You know I mean, it’s you know

00:21:11.680 –> 00:21:16.800
There’s a lot of things you can do that that a lot of people don’t realize little things you can do to save money

00:21:18.040 –> 00:21:22.900
Especially with the heat you can cut back on heat you can not use the air conditioning okay?

00:21:22.900 –> 00:21:26.340
There’s not there’s like with the water. There’s not letting you can cut back you’re gonna need water

00:21:26.340 –> 00:21:29.400
You can’t live without it because I could take a shower every other day

00:21:29.400 –> 00:21:34.980
Well if you if you’re not gonna be in an office environment and people don’t care about maybe a little you know a little bo

00:21:34.980 –> 00:21:36.680
You could do that

00:21:36.680 –> 00:21:40.600
But the other thing I remember too folks is you’re not really saving a ton of money when you when you don’t use water

00:21:40.600 –> 00:21:45.060
If you have a well like my wife, and I have you will save some money, but not a lot

00:21:46.440 –> 00:21:48.800
The electric that takes to run a pump is so minimal

00:21:48.800 –> 00:21:54.000
Another thing folks you too like you know people say all time. I’ll work it I save money

00:21:54.000 –> 00:21:57.260
You can if you wanted to and I don’t recommend this

00:21:57.260 –> 00:22:01.160
but one of these you could do if you wanted to would turn off the coils of the

00:22:01.160 –> 00:22:06.380
Of your hot water tank your electric hot water tank you can turn off the coils if you know you’re gonna be gone over the weekend

00:22:06.380 –> 00:22:10.940
Flip the breaker off and let’s leave the coils off and then don’t turn it back on to you come home now

00:22:10.940 –> 00:22:14.700
You will have to wait an hour or so hot water, but that’s something you could do as well

00:22:14.700 –> 00:22:16.700
I don’t know if I particularly recommend that

00:22:16.700 –> 00:22:18.920
Yeah, you’re saving money, but

00:22:18.920 –> 00:22:22.260
You know it’s not gonna be the greatest thing for that water tank now

00:22:22.260 –> 00:22:24.440
They say you can do it and my uncle the plumber

00:22:24.440 –> 00:22:29.840
He said you can do it, but I don’t know if I I’ve read conflicting stories about that. That’s really up to you

00:22:29.840 –> 00:22:35.960
Another folks play the place you can a lot of things other the source cutting back on stuff goes folks

00:22:35.960 –> 00:22:39.500
One of the places we definitely cut back on was buying materials

00:22:39.500 –> 00:22:44.060
And when I say buy materials what I mean by that is folks when I you know if you go to Home Depot

00:22:44.060 –> 00:22:51.160
Oh, we’re doing this house. You know when I needed windows just recently you know if you go ahead and buy windows at you know

00:22:51.160 –> 00:22:58.140
$140 piece at Home Depot you’re gonna spend a fortune if you go online if I used to find used windows locally and go get

00:22:58.140 –> 00:23:01.280
Them and bring them back. You know you can get 20 30 $4 a window

00:23:01.280 –> 00:23:07.700
Where it’s been 140 so that’s what a place we really cut we got so we were getting doors for our house at $23 apiece

00:23:07.700 –> 00:23:11.880
Because we would find ones that we liked on Craigslist, and if you go drive and get them

00:23:12.460 –> 00:23:14.940
Yeah, I had to be careful look at you know if the doors 100

00:23:14.940 –> 00:23:19.980
But the doors 100 if it’s $100 for the door and the doors 100 hotels brand-new at Home Depot

00:23:19.980 –> 00:23:20.860
It isn’t worth running

00:23:20.860 –> 00:23:23.160
You know a half hour for them is to get it

00:23:23.160 –> 00:23:26.880
But if you can get a door for 20 bucks and the doors are three 400 all door in Home Depot

00:23:26.880 –> 00:23:29.240
Then you can actually you know that’s worth driving

00:23:29.240 –> 00:23:34.860
My wife is actually a very good price comparison so my dad what they do they’re both good at they find stuff online

00:23:34.860 –> 00:23:39.200
They like oh, we just say the furniture. We needed furniture hutches and all that my wife

00:23:39.200 –> 00:23:41.200
I find the stuff online then we just go get it

00:23:41.300 –> 00:23:44.360
Like I said we did the same thing with doors. We did the same thing with windows

00:23:44.360 –> 00:23:50.020
We’ve done it with many other building with supplies as well. I would recommend doing it with sheetrock and some of that

00:23:50.020 –> 00:23:55.120
But if you do but a paneling is put you know paneling you could do that if you find a paneling you like

00:23:55.120 –> 00:23:58.820
If some of that you could save money, but you want to save money like people say all the time well

00:23:58.820 –> 00:24:03.400
I can’t do my doors and windows because doors and windows are expensive well go ahead and find them online

00:24:03.400 –> 00:24:04.960
Oh, it may not be the window

00:24:04.960 –> 00:24:07.720
I want doesn’t matter if you can get it to the window cheap online

00:24:08.020 –> 00:24:12.540
And it’s worth it’s right down to say say you have a window around the corner from you you know 20 bucks for windows

00:24:12.540 –> 00:24:17.100
100 point oh no go down should get it may not be the window you love, but put it in it’ll definitely you know

00:24:17.100 –> 00:24:21.820
Save you money double home windows. They have a lot more heat than those single pane wood windows

00:24:21.820 –> 00:24:26.600
Definitely those are the first thing if you buy a house, and you want to conserve heat. That’s the first thing to go

00:24:26.600 –> 00:24:31.460
Pennsylvania here has the rap program and when you call up for the rap program

00:24:31.460 –> 00:24:36.320
Which is the thing they used to save heat that’s the first thing they do is replace the windows or put storm windows on them

00:24:36.540 –> 00:24:38.540
first thing they do

00:24:38.540 –> 00:24:42.680
So some other things folks you can do as well like I said to go ahead and save money

00:24:42.680 –> 00:24:46.100
When you go to home some of things that we found out little things when we’re doing the house

00:24:46.100 –> 00:24:52.380
You can actually go ahead like the plastic molding if you get plastic molding versus wood welding attack

00:24:52.380 –> 00:24:55.020
versus wood molding cat the price

00:24:55.020 –> 00:24:58.820
Little thing I didn’t know that and you know what a lot of times people won’t even know the difference

00:24:58.820 –> 00:25:01.380
No, that’s the place you can save money right there

00:25:02.260 –> 00:25:07.940
No place you can go ahead and save money folks one of things that we found carpet if you go if you go to

00:25:07.940 –> 00:25:12.060
Go to a carpet place and buy carpet and have them late. You’re gonna spend a fortune go ahead buy the carpet

00:25:12.060 –> 00:25:17.020
Okay, go ahead buy the carpet off the roll the back you spend you know

00:25:17.020 –> 00:25:20.940
You know 20, but you know depend a couple seats like think 70 cents per square

00:25:20.940 –> 00:25:27.060
You know buy that wrap it up put in your truck bring it home unroll it stretch it hammer it down on

00:25:27.380 –> 00:25:32.500
The tax boards and you’re done. Okay. It may be a day. It may be a couple hours worth of work for you

00:25:32.500 –> 00:25:34.340
But you’ll save a fortune in

00:25:34.340 –> 00:25:39.580
Cost and it doesn’t even want to do the edging you can’t tuck it underneath these just tuck it underneath the molding if you can’t

00:25:39.580 –> 00:25:43.380
Go around with three-quarter around the plastic molding saves you a ton of money right there

00:25:43.380 –> 00:25:48.980
Also to folks one thing you can get on on the on what we find you get on the internet

00:25:48.980 –> 00:25:51.100
Go ahead, and you can buy

00:25:51.100 –> 00:25:54.660
Vinyl siding you can buy it right online go ahead and buy it

00:25:54.660 –> 00:25:57.820
It’s cheap do you know you can buy it in bulk right online?

00:25:57.820 –> 00:26:00.740
cheap at Home Depot

00:26:00.740 –> 00:26:03.740
Some of the other things we found as well folks like I said on vanities

00:26:03.740 –> 00:26:07.700
Vanities and fixtures we found you can get a lot of vanities cheap online

00:26:07.700 –> 00:26:12.460
My wife and I got a tub and a double vanity for like a little more than 100 bucks

00:26:12.460 –> 00:26:15.700
Somebody was remodeling getting rid of it. We took it brought home all done

00:26:15.700 –> 00:26:22.220
So you know there there are places you can save if you don’t mind traveling a little bit spending your night your time at night

00:26:22.220 –> 00:26:28.100
Getting stuff you can save yourself a fortune on materials go to Home Depot and buy double vanity brand new you spend a thousand bucks

00:26:28.100 –> 00:26:30.100
We bought ours for 100 with the tub

00:26:30.100 –> 00:26:35.380
Okay, the only I don’t recommend it going to get the toilet. You buy brand new okay?

00:26:35.380 –> 00:26:38.060
That’s stuff. You don’t want to mess with buy it brand new

00:26:38.060 –> 00:26:40.740
You don’t want to add somebody else’s

00:26:40.740 –> 00:26:43.380
Yeah, just buy it right now

00:26:43.380 –> 00:26:47.580
And toilets are cheap like 100 bucks if you don’t get these pants if you had a regular standard toilet

00:26:47.580 –> 00:26:49.580
Don’t get the fancy one

00:26:50.380 –> 00:26:54.540
No thing like I said there’s a lot of places you could say these are just going to places we found

00:26:54.540 –> 00:26:57.100
Now you can say but that that’s what we’ve been doing

00:26:57.100 –> 00:27:03.100
As far as trying to save money goes like I said folks you know it’s very important to go ahead and you know do your

00:27:03.100 –> 00:27:06.620
Best to try to save money where you can but see me redoing these old homes

00:27:06.620 –> 00:27:10.440
You know and everything is just you know nothing with building materials is cheap anymore

00:27:10.440 –> 00:27:13.980
So the best thing you can do is go ahead try to save money one thing

00:27:13.980 –> 00:27:17.620
I do recommend if you have farmhouse like we do we didn’t have to is already all done for us

00:27:17.620 –> 00:27:21.500
But one thing I do recommend you tear out all the old wire and my friends

00:27:21.500 –> 00:27:27.040
And I we went through we rewired the whole place a brand new wiring definitely. You don’t want that old wire anymore with the

00:27:27.040 –> 00:27:29.820
With the felt on it and all that that’s very dangerous

00:27:29.820 –> 00:27:32.280
It’s a big big cause of fires back in the day

00:27:32.280 –> 00:27:37.220
Make sure you go ahead and get rid of that immediately if you have if your home has it. It’s a fire hazard

00:27:37.220 –> 00:27:41.740
Some of like I said folks is like I said some of the other places

00:27:41.740 –> 00:27:45.540
That we were that we were saving money as well

00:27:46.820 –> 00:27:50.560
Knowing to be saving on siding we saved on windows saves it on doors

00:27:50.560 –> 00:27:54.340
One of things too, which we did was we saved on

00:27:54.340 –> 00:27:58.320
on certain things like when it comes to these certain things like when you’re with when

00:27:58.320 –> 00:28:03.380
They put it this way like what’s one thing you want to do when you when you remodel in these old farm homes

00:28:03.380 –> 00:28:07.780
Or any old home for that matter what you like to do you like to take go ahead

00:28:07.780 –> 00:28:11.380
Into the house and you got to start with the room that that’s worst

00:28:11.660 –> 00:28:16.840
For us some of the rooms that were worse were downstairs the floors were the old wood floors in bad shape

00:28:16.840 –> 00:28:18.380
You know water damage stuff like that

00:28:18.380 –> 00:28:22.540
So we went ahead and we just laid the OSB board on top of it and then laid the laminate floor on top of it

00:28:22.540 –> 00:28:27.580
As long as you go ahead and lay the laminate floor folks. You’re in you should be in good shape, but

00:28:27.580 –> 00:28:33.380
You know want to make sure you put that OSB board down what that’s gonna do that’s gonna cut down on the draft

00:28:33.380 –> 00:28:36.100
And it’s also two folks in a level of floor out for you

00:28:36.100 –> 00:28:40.460
Because you can use shingles and all of that and you can level underneath the floor make the level make the floor nice and flat

00:28:40.940 –> 00:28:43.260
Okay, so that’s something you can do as well the other thing my wife

00:28:43.260 –> 00:28:46.780
And I did to to save money is we actually went and bought a used kitchen

00:28:46.780 –> 00:28:51.720
You can find used kitchens online all time people that are remodeling skin little kitchens nothing wrong with it

00:28:51.720 –> 00:28:55.220
They just want a new one their loss is your gain my wife got a

00:28:55.220 –> 00:29:01.860
Gorgeous brand new white kitchen for next to nothing some couple just remodeling we went there and said hey

00:29:01.860 –> 00:29:05.580
We you know we like this we want it, and they went ahead and they said yeah sure go ahead take it

00:29:05.580 –> 00:29:08.740
You know we bought they don’t think the only 500 bucks for it

00:29:08.740 –> 00:29:11.900
So we saved a fortune there the stovetop same thing

00:29:11.900 –> 00:29:18.060
You know Facebook is great resource went on there got stovetop gas for free not for free, but without for 20 bucks

00:29:18.060 –> 00:29:20.060
We got the stove for 50 bucks

00:29:20.060 –> 00:29:23.880
You know if you look you’re willing to go dishwasher my wife, and I had

00:29:23.880 –> 00:29:29.700
But if you go ahead and look you know there are tons and tons of places

00:29:29.700 –> 00:29:35.900
Where you can find materials relatively cheap and these are places you can cut when you’re doing a home as long as you don’t mind

00:29:35.900 –> 00:29:40.060
Like I said going on the road and look in and spending your time online at night trying to find deals

00:29:40.060 –> 00:29:43.820
Some other things as well folks that my wife, and I have done

00:29:43.820 –> 00:29:46.860
Try to conserve money

00:29:46.860 –> 00:29:53.260
Those of you that debt like I said that that aren’t overly familiar with construction one of the things we did

00:29:53.260 –> 00:29:56.840
We waited till you know dumpsters knowledge are expensive

00:29:56.840 –> 00:29:59.140
We waited till a lot of the work was done

00:29:59.140 –> 00:30:04.100
And then we ordered a dumpster and load the dumpster from take it if you have a dumpster sitting there for a couple of weeks

00:30:04.100 –> 00:30:06.260
They’ll go ahead and charge it by the day for that dumpster

00:30:06.260 –> 00:30:10.580
I want to go ahead make a pile in the back and then when everything comes just throw it all the dumps along take it

00:30:10.580 –> 00:30:13.100
That’s what we did with that

00:30:13.100 –> 00:30:15.660
It saved a ton of money there

00:30:15.660 –> 00:30:19.020
You know like I said there’s so many different things you can do

00:30:19.020 –> 00:30:22.540
If anybody has any suggestions by the way go at least it’s files podcast

00:30:22.540 –> 00:30:27.480
org and go ahead and you know shoot me an email let me know what you did to save money when you remodeled I would really

00:30:27.480 –> 00:30:32.660
Like to know so I could share it with the rest of the audience so everybody goes ahead and you know knows what’s going on I?

00:30:33.620 –> 00:30:36.580
Don’t think too like I said that I want to point out is

00:30:36.580 –> 00:30:40.920
Not only can you go ahead and like I said save money with building materials

00:30:40.920 –> 00:30:44.300
But there are also all things you can do too when you’re redoing a home

00:30:44.300 –> 00:30:47.420
obviously you know

00:30:47.420 –> 00:30:50.980
Making sure you know you get bids for if you’re going if you’re not handy like myself

00:30:50.980 –> 00:30:55.940
you want to go ahead and save money get multiple contractors multiple bids and

00:30:55.940 –> 00:30:58.380
You know look at the get look at the quality of material

00:30:58.380 –> 00:31:03.440
They’re using and all that kind of stuff and make a determination who you want to go with you know kind contractors

00:31:03.440 –> 00:31:06.340
Are you know having contractors do it will be a lot more money?

00:31:06.340 –> 00:31:13.360
Will get done probably faster, but you have to look at what’s what’s more important to you speed or you know?

00:31:13.360 –> 00:31:17.380
Saving cost it all depends up. It’s all up to you

00:31:17.380 –> 00:31:22.580
Some of the other things folks that like I said we’ve had a lot going on

00:31:22.580 –> 00:31:28.680
Like I said we got the we have chickens coming birds coming now and some other more animals coming to the homestead

00:31:28.680 –> 00:31:30.360

00:31:30.360 –> 00:31:33.620
Like I said folks as well. You know if you want to go ahead and

00:31:33.620 –> 00:31:41.140
If you have any suggestions to for the homestead, I’d be more than willing to hear them like it’s a survivalist podcast org

00:31:41.140 –> 00:31:46.060
And like I said, I look forward to hearing back from everybody like I said, I am officially

00:31:46.060 –> 00:31:50.360
Back now won’t be show every day, but I’m going to try to do one at least one day a week

00:31:50.360 –> 00:31:52.560
maybe two

00:31:52.560 –> 00:31:56.420
We can get maybe two shows a weekend to be nice if I can do it if I can’t man

00:31:56.420 –> 00:32:00.800
I’ll just do one and I don’t want to overshoot and that not do it, but like I said

00:32:00.800 –> 00:32:03.940
We’re gonna try to do this your show a week. I’m gonna try to do some blog posting

00:32:03.940 –> 00:32:08.680
Those way everybody can you know if you can’t you know if you listen and then you want more content you go on the website

00:32:08.680 –> 00:32:10.680
I’m gonna try to do some YouTube videos

00:32:10.680 –> 00:32:13.760
What I’m gonna do folks basically the podcast is

00:32:13.760 –> 00:32:17.400
Gonna be you know we’re gonna do a podcast probably at least once a week

00:32:17.400 –> 00:32:22.240
And then to like I said I’m gonna do some blog posting and I’m gonna do some youtubing as well

00:32:22.240 –> 00:32:25.160
So you know we’re gonna have a couple different forms of media here

00:32:25.300 –> 00:32:28.780
It’s not just gonna be the podcast, but we’ll get like so we’re gonna have YouTube

00:32:28.780 –> 00:32:34.100
I’d ever want to do some YouTube stuff, and I definitely want to go ahead and do some blog stuff

00:32:34.100 –> 00:32:37.960
So I will have content for you to read off content for you to watch on YouTube and obviously

00:32:37.960 –> 00:32:42.900
We’ll have the podcast for you to listen to so we’re coming. We’re coming at you from a lot of different media angles

00:32:42.900 –> 00:32:46.060
So like I said, I want to thank everybody for listening like I said, I’m sorry

00:32:46.060 –> 00:32:48.960
I do want to apologize one more time that we took some time off

00:32:48.960 –> 00:32:52.840
But we definitely are back now like as I do apologize for taking that time off, but

00:32:53.420 –> 00:32:58.380
Fortunately we had no choice, and you know you know this was something some podcast something

00:32:58.380 –> 00:33:03.880
I love to do love talking about this kind of stuff, but unfortunately sometimes you you got it for priorities first and

00:33:03.880 –> 00:33:10.660
You know that was that but I guess I’m glad we’re back. I’m glad everybody’s coming back to listen

00:33:10.660 –> 00:33:15.040
I want to thank everybody for listening, and I will see you soon. Thank you